Monday, January 2, 2012


So often life goes by in big talks...long drawn discussions,mental dramas with ourselves on why we should do it or not do it if we will do this will come by...if not this will not happen and countless dramas that we hold within ourselves.Before we know we are hooked to an ageless timeless waste and an unwanted emotion 'REGRET'  with us.We could have simply gone ahead and changed all that we wanted what prevents this change we so many levels we play with ourselves.The first is our deluded thinking we need to clarify...the first very important question do i really want this???? For example do i want to really really lose weight? Do i like to do the exercises,diets,aerobics,massage whatever in order to get there? Do i want to look better than my certain i feel this way i shall retain my husband's interest in me? Do i want to get in that smart outfit? Do i feel unhappy when someone comments on my belly ? Do i want to look young? More than half the reasons don't belong to me they belong to others perception of how i should look!!!!!  And therein begins my subscription mentality to a certain thought or method to get my pounds to dissolve and keep it there if possible proudly adhere to a certain system .Our definitions arise from there and yet there comes a time we slide back to our old ways!!!!Ever thought why????For we were not being our true selves we bought into someone else's attitude and like alcohol the effects are temporary....but volatile because we mortgaged our own self how we should think...feel and behave.Most important we hate them one of the reasons why relationships have periodic this process of subscribing and unsubscribing to a person system method....What we are looking is inner peace and ultimate do i get there? Iget there by assertively accepting my real needs...simply stating to my own self I DO NOT WISH TO GO THROUGH ANY RIGOROUS DIETS,EXERCISES,MASSAGES I DO NOT WISH TO LOSE WEIGHT. AND THAT'S THAT LIKE IT TAKE IT.So many times we haven't been able to tell ourselves the truth.It does not mean insulting anyone but gaining your own perspective back on who is in control.
Imagine a newly married girl all ready to dissolve herself to please in laws..hubby dear and bang goes her own way of what she is.She subscribes to their way of thinking ,eating,dressing,behaving and finds herself unhappier and unhappier...more AND MORE RELATIVES drain her into subscribing to their brand of thinking raise your kids this way,we do shopping,praying this should take care of things this way....two things happen out of exasperation she dumps everything on husband, laws...ARGUMENTS....BREAKDOWN OF RELATIONSHIPS....broken if you do and hurt if you don't....what is the way out????? Carve out your  own brand of you are comfortable with.....say what works with you say what doesn't...and leave it .People who care encourage this space to share what goes with them as well ... accommodate if comfortable....if not say it ...So often we hesitate to share this vital aspect of ours that we spend life in damage control ....and regret for time having gone by.Be the change you want to.Constantly know thyself and be honest enough to tell what you want really first to yourself than others...and stop subscribing to others assessment of what you should be!!!!!! Be it you serve.....everyone loves to influence.Take opinions for sure but asses your own sense of comfort and grab it.YOUR REWARD....would be an enhanced sense of personal liberation.Your mind will be free of lot of cobwebs.Than you can really think what is it that i really want and not what i should want.This will then allow those things to enter that count and bring you true happiness and you will find time to make your loved ones happy with your dazzling smile and soaring ambitions....instead of battling constant unhappiness and discontentment. Be HONEST..with your inner self and allow what you really want to come in your life...THIS IS MY GIFT TO MYSELF AND MY honest happy individual ..who cares deeply about them and not the subscribers....HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL WHO JOIN ME.