Wednesday, June 29, 2016


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Cards are Honest reflections and messages of our Angels highest Visions of us! They reply with complete candour and amazing graphic detail. Their Visual Guidance never ceases to amaze me. Today’s reading too takes us on such a lovely journey.

The query was to look into Professional and personal front in the coming Time. As the query extended to an infinite time zone the reply has eternal Canvas too.

Creative Expression and Environmentalist

At the professional front, they say that your soul longs to indulge in Creative work that you have left incomplete. It is a creative Stuff that satisfies you completely and fills you with passion. However it requires that you spend lot of time in Solitude to devote wholly to this project. Summon all your resources to complete this project. Also the Higher Crew is connecting you to world energy and larger causes. Welcome the new forces and all- encompassing energy which uplifts you.

Goodbye to the Old and Hello to the new!!! And Wait.

As a result of new shifts of priorities your old bonds are dissolving and certain friends are Kinda losing touch. Let them off as their part in your Life is done with and you need to write new stories. In any case you are advised to wait before you rush into anything .  The theme of Creative solitude advises you to focus more on professional front.

Cards say  “Professional Life takes precedence over Personal Life” at least in the coming few months for you.

Complete that Creative project and enjoy this phase when newer Bonds bring in fresh energy into your life. 

-Sonnal Pardiwala

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Decision Validated, yet, the Journey Continues…

The beginning of the year brought us an important piece of information which called for a decision and in a way opened an avenue for home-schoolers. We at our coaching institute often came across school drop-outs after grade nine who were compulsorily expelled from school in order to maintain their Grade Ten 100%  results.

The school only gave them the option to apply for form 17  which meant they still could give their tenth the same year. They would appear as private candidates and aided by the government allotted centre to get through the formalities of giving the board exams (like internal assessment and practicals and receiving a Leaving Certificate. It meant that the child will not be on any Register  of the schools but still can give exams. Now, whoever says our government is not supportive must look at this beautifully carved out system which enables a ninth grader who is a risk for the school can still give his tenth. What a win win!

Using their logic, we checked out if our kid can avail of the same facility and to our pleasant surprise, he could! The choice was this year, or next…??? The Self-starter fella that Shahen(my elder son) is, he was raring to go. He already had solved board papers of English from various boards and knew he could face any exam. So technically when he was chronologically in the ninth grade, he decided…We shall conquer Tenth! One of the benefits of Home-schooling…we could decide when, and if at all we would give any exams!!!

 No school would have even considered letting him have a go at it because he felt confident. We did approach a principal of a reputed school of the SSC board and requested her to take him on board as we were so hopeful he will bring glory to the school and 17 does not enjoy very heavy popularity, but… the Principal so trained in school ways still insisted he go through the ninth and only then she would consider his tenth and since  Form 17..!!! The centre where we had applied was so understanding and accommodating ... we decided to let the school option go…Silly Home-schoolers we are...stickler for working around Norms to suit the Kids’ Sensibility and Potential.
Here is a Technical Lowdown on Appearing as a Private Candidate and its benefits.

* If your child has minimum Fifth Grade certificate Maharashtra State Board has a Facility of applying for the Tenth Grade Exam as a Private Candidate.

*Board has appointed few centres where one can Avail of Form 17, ONCE your ward has completed 14 years of age ( which Shahen had)

* They send your child's Documents to the Vashi Board Centre to Confirm 
*This Local Centre where you applied from is responsible for your child's internal assessment and practical exams.

*They Procure your child's Hall Ticket and do corrections as and how it is required.
* Your child's Mark-sheet has to be collected at the Local Centre and they give you the Leaving Certificate required to get admissions to the college.

*Nowhere in the Mark-sheet is it mentioned that your child is a Private Candidate. The child is as equal to any other child appearing for these exams.

*Do not depend on this centre for coaching of the subjects unless they specifically take the responsibility. Generally your child is not required to attend the Centre regularly and will be summoned as and when required.

Decision made, paper work attended to and then textbooks bought. More or less, Shahen prepared all by himself for memorising answers and stuff. I, as a Mom was called in to help with Marathi Grammar and the French subject and Dad’s help was availed in Algebra and Geometry. Rest all was his domain where we as parents never entered. He was the perfect epitome of “It’s my work and I shall manage it and manage it well but let me do other things as well!

Home-schoolers use their freedom to pursue Activities that Stretch them and give them immense pleasure. Shahen ventured along with his Dad into creating content for his YouTube Channel bLOGiMLY.

Check out bLOGiMLY here:

 He made Reviews Of Previews of upcoming films which he called ROP. They made a short film “Dabba which delved into looking at hunger issues at the grass root level instead of sermonizing and preaching…another one that came out recently Khwaab Not Out which was written by him. With his YouTube channel, he has gone on to create a web-series where he even shares his experiences of his studies, how he coped, how he trolled his subjects…in a straight-jacket humored way he pointed flaws of the system and yet how he went on to overcome them, accept them and conquer them with Aplomb. He applied for an internship at Youth Incorporated and is in the Junior Editorial Board for their July 2016 issue. He already has his own blog and has written for Parsi Times. He appeared on Radioone 94.3 where he shared his views on homeschooling and his webseries #MeThinks .

He proved to be perfect example of a low stress but right and efficient learning. Even on the days of exams he was as cool as a cucumber, getting up peacefully two hours before the departure time and getting by his morning chores. Studies??? Revision was done thoroughly. Now what was the need to get hyper over nothing at the last MINUTE??? Well that was a huge relief! For we never want to put our kids into any situation that will bring them discomfort or frowns. The basic philosophy of Home-schooling is let kids be free to pursue what they want and if they must do certain compulsory stuff, then with minimal discomfort!

At this juncture, someone questioned “Why give exams of any sort when you homeschool?” Well there are Radical Homeschoolers who have done away with exams and pursue Life in a different hue. But we peg ourselves as the guided home-schoolers bunch. The Idea is to observe the child and give him or her freedom, at the same time prepare to deal with the conventional thought structure of the society in which they will be absorbed as they grow. The idea is not to rebel but to gently question an outdated system…do something transformational and prove or validate the new methodology implemented.

To summarise the idea is, not to show a thumb to the world and say your way is dumb, but to show that an alternative exists and can be executed through the very system…So many secretly thought that our kids run wild and waste their time. We were way too out of sync.

All this changed with one simple demonstration of results…Shahen scored a whopping 93.6% !!!

When the news was broken to the committee of the centre where he appeared as a private candidate, all stood up unanimously giving him a standing ovation. For this was the first time a 17(A) student at their centre had managed this feat. For our home-schooling community too it brought hope and a proud tale to recount. They now have an example to narrate. A success story changes everything. Shahen gave them, and us, that success story. Generally 17 form was always for a failed ninth grader or a drop out…no more…Shahen’s success story lends dignity to this form as now a facility to be availed and not something to look down.

Does the dude rest on his laurels…Nope…he does not! He has taken another different decision.  He is going to take Arts as his stream of further studies. What 93.6% and Arts??? He is a boy and Arts???? As a Mom I now smile amusedly at all the reactions. When we do something new, well let our accomplishments and time tell the story…why argue or convince??? Like it happens now, when Times of India gives him a mention in the Achiever’s Section!!!

 The Asian Age Gives a half page Coverage to the entire family applauding the decision!!!
 Perception changes!!! 

Queries regarding how to home-school, what is home-school increase…Home-schoolers look on hopefully to duplicate the phenomenon.

And yet we suggest to all who seek Home-schooling, this…Do it not as a fad!
It is a solemn decision which requires deep thought on the part of the parents. This requires you to view your children with a fresh perspective capable of unique contributions. If you label your children as immature, lazy or disobedient something needs heavy introspection. Blaming neither the children nor the school is going to sort out anything. 

If you view your children only through the Lenses of their marks; their academic achievements or lack thereof…do not even peep into Home-schooling! For Home-schooling is about celebrating your children…their Childhood…respecting their limitations…finding another alternative path for their happiness if the school path brings them Misery. They are capable of a lot only if you believe in them. As parents and primary care-givers, you ought to extend a confident and unconditional acceptance of their choices. If as a child you loved reading a certain literature but you see your child hell bent on audio visual medium, accept it, respect it…

You have to be responsible…dedicated…hardworking…these are commands that cannot be enforced…they have to be naturally inculcated as a process where freedom of choice and love of their uniqueness is expressed!

So while we sit content at having helped the elder son carve a lovely opening to a life which he looks up with possibility and confidence...the younger one continues to home-school and grow in the freedom  offered. He learns languages, Social Sciences, Math and Science…along with acting in short films and one part of him always stuck in his Clash of Clans…and another part devoted to Cricket…we have now to find a different academic get away for him too, as the SSC 17 FORM requires a minimum mandatory fifth grade certificate. He opted out after second grade. We are looking at the NIOS option for his final as well as interim assessment of in between years. Much is likely to change and much we need to change.

Always remember the children have only one childhood and let us not lose it in the rat race of getting him the first rank…score forcibly that entrance test…Let us gently hug them...kiss them to sleep with security that world is a lovely playground where all shall play and all have room to win and make a niche of themselves and be the toppers of happiness!!!

By Sonnal Pardiwala

Sunday, June 26, 2016


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This time we have a young one sending out a hopeful query about an upcoming birthday and love interest. Will the birthday be spent with the love interest or is it some kind of ill-humored situation that is not right?
Cards do not mince words. They bring in clarity if you would heed it well. Each time romantic feelings rise within you, your heart wishes to feel "This is true love"and "This could be the one". 

However, Cards caution that there is  an unrequited love energy and the same feelings are not mirrored for you Dear one. Someone in the relationship is not being completely Honest and is wearing a mask. Genuine feelings are not being expressed and you are being asked to wait a little more. You need to know yourself a little more before you can offer your tender feelings to someone else who might be equally young. Give each one of time to grow with the other, explore feelings and enjoy the friendships that do not come heavy with expectations.

As for your Birthday…Happy Birthday Dear one. Your Higher crew request you to find happiness within. If you wish to celebrate it do not wait for others to organize things for you. Cheer up yourself and have a blast because you deserve it. Do not wait for others to make your Day. Make your Day yourself and Live a super happy Life. Move into a new Direction and wait for the right one to come in or enjoy the relationships without expectations.

                                                                                           Sonnal Pardiwala,
Internationally Certified Angel Card Reader.

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Healinityy~ Heal d Healthy                      

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Salman Khan's Plight: Trollers' Delight

Salman Khan-The Actor has been controversy's child ever Since anyone has ever known him. But let bygones be bygones.
This present Storm that he has raked in is so interesting!
Some are livid ,some are defensive (read his die hard Fans who cannot or will not see anything untoward in him) some are downright busy in coming up with witty trolls and abusive puns on his insensitivity.
Trends were established on #SalmanMisquoted. The Know-alls say that it is a publicity stunt since his movie "Sultan" is slated for release.
Well...I neither want to accuse him nor troll him. Since he made a public statement on an issue that is equally a "Sentimental Topic" let us ask him and exhort him to do few things that might benefit the society at large since his fans claim his magnanimous stature all the time.
He says after the rigorous schedule he felt like a "Raped Woman"
Hmm...Mr.Khan How many "Raped Women" do you know? To know so closely their plight you might be closely associated with them. We can only hope you had no contribution in their woes and were only a sympathetic audience to them.
Now that you are aware of the physical strain that the "Raped Women" may undergo, can we expect a Positive and life changing rehabilitating influence by yours truly Mr.Khan?
Now do not get me wrong ! I do not wish that you create T-shirts of "Being Raped" to show your support but well Society needs enormous reserves of your Largesse to Prevent, Cope and Heal from this Dire State that a Womanhood goes through. You are a Star followed by millions and no one dare so much as crack a joke on your Persona.
You are Resourceful and in the past we have seen pictures and instances of you offering large monetary sums to afflicted parties.
Will you now do the same to any woman who has undergone this heinous state?
You at least have a fair idea now how a woman feels physically but psychologically???
You were a participant in the Rigorous raping....sorry...gruelling schedule of your film and will reap in huge moolahs when it releases. Unfortunately a "Raped woman" is deprived of the participation choice as well as she sees no rewards forth coming like yours. Only stigma awaits her life and humiliation. May it be expected from you that you shall contribute in a positive way in expressing your support to them? It will hugely add glamour to their situation as now they have Mr. Salman Khan who understands them and maybe stands by them??
Every tragedy must be converted into a blessing . You have a huge opportunity now to extend your huge, larger than life persona in their shadows and bring them to light!!!
Maybe Government then too will be propelled into action to help the "Raped Women" find Dignity.
On an Ending note...Women remain as your "Vice" as you choose them over drinks, do you extend the same choice to your women to choose "You" over anything!!! or not Choose "YOU" ?
Rights must exist on both sides for a Healthy Existence. I am neither trolling you nor calling you names only suggesting a Recourse that you might consider. Hoping your Fans shall consider me too insignificant to even Troll!!!

                            -Sonnal Pardiwala

© Sonnal Pardiwala 2016. All Rights Reserved.

YourQuery: CardsReply

This week cards answer two different queries that came up.

The First query was  “What Next?

Cards say “ Let Go” and when we look closely at the card we see a fairy maiden sitting in the nest and conversing with a Bird that is sitting outside. 

It is time to fly higher...let go of the past and move in other directions. Certain anxiety is natural, certain doubts are mandatory to any new situation that one plans to embark. The path to be taken as yet is uncertain. But the cards say just as seasons unfold in its natural pattern so whatever it is that you need and wherever you need to go will unfold in due time. Have faith in the meantime that all that you need to know will be in front of you in due time. Enjoy the interim situations which are kind of preparing you. If it feels right to sit and relax…do it...if it feels right to enter a gentle conversation with a friend do so. Rest easy and let go of control patterns of predicting a certain outcome or charting every detail.

Next query was a relationship based issue…

Cards say “ Leave A Stressful Situation Behind

Often relationships are mired in misunderstandings and confusions. Always understand that each person comes into your life to serve  a certain purpose. We often get into dramas and high pitched situations. Its time to look into your relationships and ask “Is this my drama?” Do I belong here ? Is my peace of mind worth this confusion that I am carrying within? Kindly but firmly refuse to be drawn into any relationships that do not fulfill you, that drain you.

Be gentle but let go of any attitude,repetitive pattern in a relationship that kind of belittles you. The person is ready to journey on a horse which signifies all resources are ready to move on a fast paced life ahead and so its time to bid Adieu to a factor that seems to keep you stagnant.

Let go of worries and drama. Life will be peaceful at least for you! 

                                                                                                    Sonnal Pardiwala,
Internationally Certified Angel Card Reader.

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Healinityy~ Heal d Healthy                      

Saturday, June 18, 2016

YourQuery: CardsReply

If you are more of an audio visual person, get YourQuery: CardsReply here:

Cards are Messages our Higher Crew wants to send us as Guidance or Reassurance. There are situations where Cards bring clarity and soothing to jarred nerves.

Today we pick Cards from Deck of Archangel Michael . He comes in to cut through doubts and fears.

The Query is put forward by a person going through depression regarding work and lowered Morale . The person seeks guidance for path ahead.

Cards Reply

Keep Your Eyes On Your Target

You have ideas and certain actions have been taken. However there are half hearted efforts in the Direction you actually want to head. You are right on target however feel low on energy as Desired results are not in sight just yet. Just an archer focuses keenly on the target with readiness in the body so should you arch and aim towards your Goals.

Make A Commitment

Commit to fulfilling your goals. Commit to your happiness. 

Commit to complete every Action steps that you envisage. Much of the Low feelings are due to Inaction and passive wallowing in the state of affairs as unrewarding.

Focus and Act Steadily and promptly is the Mantra Cards send you.
Results come to those who pursue with a fixed purpose and not to those who step off the Wheel so to speak.

Sonnal Pardiwala. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

For New Relationships...!

Check this out if you are more of an audio-visual person:

Queries have come in as to "Can Cards Tell us about our Relationships' Dynamics?" 

The answer is "Yes" they can...

This week Cards address to those who have entered into Romantic relationships and are wondering what is in store!


There is a strong Attraction naturally felt as you have manifested this Relationship willingly. Do not lose your own sense of self and Sight of personal Goals. You are attractive for all this independence that you stand for. In merging identities, you may have to be careful.


Since it is a new phase, you must devote time nurturing the bond. Spending time with each other! Giving a peek into each other's worlds! Spend time also with the family members of the special One if you plan to carry it into a long term relationship or on the wedding aisle.


As patterns of your own relationship unfolds, parental dynamics and expectations and aspirations to intensify at this time. Unresolved issues may surface and you will have to work extra in smoothening out personal dynamics. You will have to dig in your heels and have faith in yourself and your relationships when the family forces come into play. Stay the Course and Pray for a Healing of all involved. 

Love in its pure form and faith conquers a Lot.

                                                                                           Sonnal Pardiwala,
Internationally Certified Angel Card Reader.

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Healinityy~ Heal d Healthy                      

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Check this out if you are more of an audio-visual person:

After hectic times, today the messages finally send out signals to slow down yet again before we get going.


The card brings friendships in the focus. For a lot of us, we maybe are sensing a shift in our friend circle. Many of us must be noticing that as our interests change, so do our friends. New energy is walking in. We must embrace it. It can also mean to connect with friends through means of written material as in internet messaging and texting.
 For some of us it may mean to spend sweet times listening to soft music. 

It definitely encourages outings to a natural place with your friends. Whatever activity we take on, it is advised to undertake gentle nurturing activities that will rejuvenate us and get us ready for the new week and its challenges. Befriend yourself anew with books, music and spending time in your house terrace or window sill. Pick up that phone and connect with that friend you think up of first thing.


He always is. Some of us as a result of heavy two weeks are maybe too worried about future and the predicament of our pet ideas…for some it is worry over children’s future…for some it is a project they are involved in…their babies so to speak…anything just recently undertaken. Have faith that all is being taken care of beautifully as it should so that it works out wonderfully for everyone concerned. 

You may not be able to see clearly as yet but it all will. Simply pray and have faith, and if possible spend the weekend nurturing yourself and be ready to have a relaxed perspective to the very same situation.

Have a great weekend!

Reclaim your energies by rejuvenating.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Week Day Angel Fix: Everything’s Okay & Do Your Research

Check Out your Weekend Fix here, if you are more of an audio visual person:               

This weekday card reading is especially dedicated to the students of standard twelfth and tenth who have now received their results and are gearing up for their career paths ahead.

With results comes lot of mixed feelings of elation at some places and disappointment at some places…so the angels come in to say something very common sense but very very vital.

Everything’s Okay

Yes it is. There are heightened emotions at the given moment all around and the energy seems to be spiraling and moving very fast. Some who have got results which do not match their expectations are anxious, but ten years down the line, it will cease to matter much. What is and will be of consequence is what you choose to be.

Do your Research.

Make an informed decision based on your research. Talk to people in the profession you wish to undertake. Talk to professionals who have done the courses that you covet. Read up on the web about the potential of your path. 
Do not depend on generalizations made by others as to what is good and not. What works for them may not work for you. There is ample of time to decide. Choose WELL so that when you look back at life, you are full of fond memories and not regrets about what you could have done differently.
Hope all of you have a wonderful week researching.

Take charge of your lovely life.

If you do not, others will.

                                                                                           Sonnal Pardiwala,
Internationally Certified Angel Card Reader.

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Healinityy~ Heal d Healthy                      

Friday, June 3, 2016


Check Out your Weekend Fix here, if you are more of an audio visual person:               

Earlier in the week we got a strong message that we will have an exciting week with lot of sharing and learning new material. You may have to revise few plans as a result of information coming in. Well, in my case, I did have to let go off a plan that I had been planning to launch.

The weekend cards come to validate that it indeed was a wise revision, and they also bring in the message; there is no stopping yet.

The “YES” Card says loud and clear, that all the intuitive flow of ideas that you have been getting are worthy. Work on all and any steps that you have been making in your mind. The message is a validation.

Another very relevant card that says “YOU ARE BEING HELPED” points to the fact that with burst of energy make come a feeling of being overwhelmed, but rest assured angels are helping you in every way.

If you need energy to keep up with the busy schedule, you will receive it. Simply ask for it! There are people sent into your life, who will be instrumental in propelling your cause further. Trust them. Go in the direction that they are guiding you.

They have been placed to create circumstances conducive towards your goals and aspirations. Though weekends are about rest and reflection, this weekend somehow heralds bursts of activity. Enjoy the humming roll of success and go with it!

Take Charge of your Lovely Life...

If you do not, others will!
                                                                                           Sonnal Pardiwala,

Internationally Certified Angel Card Reader.

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Healinityy~ Heal d Healthy