Wednesday, June 29, 2016


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Cards are Honest reflections and messages of our Angels highest Visions of us! They reply with complete candour and amazing graphic detail. Their Visual Guidance never ceases to amaze me. Today’s reading too takes us on such a lovely journey.

The query was to look into Professional and personal front in the coming Time. As the query extended to an infinite time zone the reply has eternal Canvas too.

Creative Expression and Environmentalist

At the professional front, they say that your soul longs to indulge in Creative work that you have left incomplete. It is a creative Stuff that satisfies you completely and fills you with passion. However it requires that you spend lot of time in Solitude to devote wholly to this project. Summon all your resources to complete this project. Also the Higher Crew is connecting you to world energy and larger causes. Welcome the new forces and all- encompassing energy which uplifts you.

Goodbye to the Old and Hello to the new!!! And Wait.

As a result of new shifts of priorities your old bonds are dissolving and certain friends are Kinda losing touch. Let them off as their part in your Life is done with and you need to write new stories. In any case you are advised to wait before you rush into anything .  The theme of Creative solitude advises you to focus more on professional front.

Cards say  “Professional Life takes precedence over Personal Life” at least in the coming few months for you.

Complete that Creative project and enjoy this phase when newer Bonds bring in fresh energy into your life. 

-Sonnal Pardiwala


  1. Thanks so much, Sonnal. It was an interesting Tarot card read:)

    1. U r welcome ...However would like to clarify It was an Angel Card Reading and not a Tarot Card.