Tuesday, June 21, 2016

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This week cards answer two different queries that came up.

The First query was  “What Next?

Cards say “ Let Go” and when we look closely at the card we see a fairy maiden sitting in the nest and conversing with a Bird that is sitting outside. 

It is time to fly higher...let go of the past and move in other directions. Certain anxiety is natural, certain doubts are mandatory to any new situation that one plans to embark. The path to be taken as yet is uncertain. But the cards say just as seasons unfold in its natural pattern so whatever it is that you need and wherever you need to go will unfold in due time. Have faith in the meantime that all that you need to know will be in front of you in due time. Enjoy the interim situations which are kind of preparing you. If it feels right to sit and relax…do it...if it feels right to enter a gentle conversation with a friend do so. Rest easy and let go of control patterns of predicting a certain outcome or charting every detail.

Next query was a relationship based issue…

Cards say “ Leave A Stressful Situation Behind

Often relationships are mired in misunderstandings and confusions. Always understand that each person comes into your life to serve  a certain purpose. We often get into dramas and high pitched situations. Its time to look into your relationships and ask “Is this my drama?” Do I belong here ? Is my peace of mind worth this confusion that I am carrying within? Kindly but firmly refuse to be drawn into any relationships that do not fulfill you, that drain you.

Be gentle but let go of any attitude,repetitive pattern in a relationship that kind of belittles you. The person is ready to journey on a horse which signifies all resources are ready to move on a fast paced life ahead and so its time to bid Adieu to a factor that seems to keep you stagnant.

Let go of worries and drama. Life will be peaceful at least for you! 

                                                                                                    Sonnal Pardiwala,
Internationally Certified Angel Card Reader.

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