Sunday, June 26, 2016


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This time we have a young one sending out a hopeful query about an upcoming birthday and love interest. Will the birthday be spent with the love interest or is it some kind of ill-humored situation that is not right?
Cards do not mince words. They bring in clarity if you would heed it well. Each time romantic feelings rise within you, your heart wishes to feel "This is true love"and "This could be the one". 

However, Cards caution that there is  an unrequited love energy and the same feelings are not mirrored for you Dear one. Someone in the relationship is not being completely Honest and is wearing a mask. Genuine feelings are not being expressed and you are being asked to wait a little more. You need to know yourself a little more before you can offer your tender feelings to someone else who might be equally young. Give each one of time to grow with the other, explore feelings and enjoy the friendships that do not come heavy with expectations.

As for your Birthday…Happy Birthday Dear one. Your Higher crew request you to find happiness within. If you wish to celebrate it do not wait for others to organize things for you. Cheer up yourself and have a blast because you deserve it. Do not wait for others to make your Day. Make your Day yourself and Live a super happy Life. Move into a new Direction and wait for the right one to come in or enjoy the relationships without expectations.

                                                                                           Sonnal Pardiwala,
Internationally Certified Angel Card Reader.

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  1. Hey do you do personalized readings?

    1. Yes I do. Personalised however are In depth and Have a certain fee. Oñline as well as inperson.