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Chakras - Our Natural Healing Mechanisms.

In Ancient times people lived a long and healthy life. They spend their lives in a harmonious and balanced way, in all the phases of their lives. In their childhood, they spend all their days in student mode, gathering knowledge to make a decent life. Girls learned household chores and management skills from their folk and men learned the ancestral occupational skill. In Adult life, as Grihasthha and Grihani they gracefully learned to fulfil their socio-religious roles and approached old age with maturity handing over the reins of knowledge and property to their offspring .Most of them headed to forests spend life devoting it to God. They lived a fulfilled life so when time came to leave the mortal plane, they sighed and slipped into the higher plane knowing fully well that they shall reincarnate.
If in their life they had any ailment that required medical assistance, they had VAIDYAS who used the Ayurveda system to heal their Doshas .They used natural herbs, plants, minerals and lots of faith to prepare their remedies .They prescribed rest as a sure shot way to cleanse the presenting condition. Lifestyle issues like Diabetes, High blood pressure, Thyroid etc. were not as rampant as today.
Yoga as a natural form of exercise was practiced. Simple diet, simple needs; natural healing methods were a part and parcel of Ancient world for survival and longevity.
We were created with natural healing ability~ is what we have heard time and time again. Everything around us is energy. How will this help us keep our health? Where is this natural healing ability residing within us ????
And the Answer is CHAKRAS. It is an ancient Sanskrit word which means `wheels of light’. We have major and minor wheels opening in our entire body as well as our etheric body. These spinning wheels of light are our caretakers. They send out and take in energy and are largely responsible for our mental and physical health and even our spiritual health.
In a normal balanced mode these chakras are spinning gently luminous with their respective colours. They accept energy from the back and send energy through the front. We all have had this experience of a tingle at the back when we recognise someone we know who has walked in without so much as turning our eyes to them ,we just know!!Our back chakras instantly make a connect to the front chakras of the person.
We send out our emotional responses through our front wheels constantly to the world; so a person instantly knows when someone instantly likes, dislikes, admires,approves, hates, cringes...without so much as exchanging a word.!!!It is our own cosmic dance of give and take of energy to and from the environment.
How does it affect our health??
Each chakra governs associated glands and organs which are all interconnected. If certain energy is accepted or sends and it is positive it aligns the chakras .However due to continuous give and take they gather unsuitable energy of anger, irritation, annoyance, tiredness; it begins to clog up the chakra. Too much stimulation overloads a system and maybe the chakra enlarges or shrinks. It in turn affects the health of adjoining organs and glands. Let us take an individual who is often angry at others naturally his heart sends out much unpleasant energy to others from front area however back heart does not get any love energy to nourish this chakra, soon this chakra shrinks and many develop breathing issues or cardiac issues if the wear and tear of age has set in.
This is a general example not meant for any medical diagnosis and intuitive reason to keep anger energy out of our systems.
Our Ancestors knew this cosmic dance of energy and so probably breathing, yoga and meditations were included as daily practice. These gentle ways cleansed, balanced and energised the chakras on a daily basis.
As the time went by this knowledge was lost and only recently all spiritual systems-WESTERN OR EASTERN have woken up to it. They have realised that the healing lies within the body and all we need to keep disorders at bay is to simply clean, clear, balance and energise it.
Let us get to know them. Before we do understand that we liken these energy centres to rooms of our body. Due to constant interactions with the environment, people and our own thoughts and emotions we are filling up some desirable and undesirable material. Just as we would need to dust, clean, wipe or mop the rooms daily to maintain the optimum cleanliness of the rooms, so do we have to keep up our work with the chakras. So, let us learn what they are, and where they are and what do they do??

*This diagram is for reference purpose only.

The FIRST CHAKRA is known as MULADHARA OR BASE CHAKRA. It is red in colour and is situated at the juncture of upper body and lower body. It deals with our grounding and security issues at spiritual level it stores our emotional fears especially the ones related to survival and finances. It also governs release and elimination functions Blood related functions are also governed by this chakra. Material concerns are processed here.

Next is SWADISTHANA or SACRAL CHAKRA. It is orange in colour. It is located at our lower abdominal region and is the seat of our creativity. It holds all our emotional depressions here. Ashrunk sacral chakra may denote low self-worth. It governs the functions of our reproductive organs and sexual organs, kidneys spleen etc.

Around our Diaphragm and below the Breastbone lies our MANIPURA or SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA. It is yellow in colour. It rules stomach, pancreas, liver, gall bladder functions. It is also the seat of our memory determination and willpower....also stores our anger and confidence in self. Our ability to carry out a plan is largely dependent on how well coordinated this centre is.

One of the most important chakra...a centre from where we give and accept love is our HEART CHAKRA or ANAHATA...the one that does not make a sound. It is green in colour. So often we are emotionally hurt but we take it all in and store it here.It is the centre primarily responsible for purifying our blood the vital force that sustains the physical body.It rules our lungs that bring in oxygen that tells us we are alive.A malfunctioning heart chakra can lead to host of ailments...blood pressure,asthma,cardiac issues to mild bronchitis

VISSHUDHA or THROAT CHAKRA a bright blue energy centre is responsible for communicating our ideas to the world .We tell the world what we are and what we want with the help of this centre. Imbalance in this area is a major cause in illness from sore throat to thyroid issues. to hoarse voice.

Another vital centre is our THIRD EYE or ADNYA CHAKRA. It is situated in the middle of our eyebrows. It governs our pineal and pituitary glands. It is the seat of our perception, thoughts, planning, and intuition. It vibrates to indigo colour and governs head, eyes, nose, ears hence headaches to sinus to lack of planning all can be traced to this centre. It is the first centre to heal if we want a divine connect.

SAHASRARA or CROWN CHAKRA is the final chakra in our physical body .It vibrates Golden VIOLET and it is our direct connect to God. We receive eternal GOD ENERGY into this pure space.

A daily system is needed to clean, clear, align and energise these centres so that we may enjoy flawless health. Also it creates tremendous movement in ourselves if we pay attention to them regularly. Would it not be then a very inexpensive but a natural way to stay healthy and receive answers to our life conditions? Find it immensely empowering to take my health in my own hands and make a committed effort to heal myself the way my forefathers and foremothers did!!!
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