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As the Finale of the thirteen week old show draws closer, there is excitement tons in the Fan world that supports a certain Star. There are clashes too in the sensitive Fan worlds and Facebook comments are flying thick and high…tweets are crashing and crapping one another. Its time Now to decide who will cut Across the finishing Line.Contestants I m sure are putting their Best Foot forward!!!
 But Jhalak has a background of being too and too Boring.
 They have often bypassed the Dancer that was really promising and handed the trophy to someone …well someone who reached the Finale not on the basis of pure Talent but also what I deem a very Unfair voting system…which says one ID can get you hundreds of votes and you can change the ID and vote again and  again…then your reaching the Finale does not depend purely on hard work you do but the gang that follows you and who is dedicated enough to stay up overnight and vote for you non-stop!!!I am guilty of being a part of such a gang…Do hang me….!
Let us try and answer the much awaited Query “Who should win?” Each Fan world thinks that Their Star is the best and must win…even I do so…but for a while let us analyse on few criterias that would go into decision making. I have been hearing a lot about rigging in the show and that it is all predecided. Now popularity builds as the show does, and they have to shed those leaves which do not Add to the entire DÉCOR…So if these four Finalists have reached so Far there must have been some factors that would have worked in their favour…

Shamita Shetty

She looked stunning in her light pink and her choreo for once gave her 30 seconds full of Centre stage and she did shine like a woman who has found her Light and is now sharing with others. 

The next day too she looked stunning in her Blue attire and Confident and she did manage tons of wicked looks in her little frame and her eyes. 

However her coupling with the Magic Show did not Add much to her Act and two separate things were happening on the Floor. She looked so beautiful and tap-a-tap that I decided to overlook the Men and Enjoy her…She did get her oomph Moments and it gives me immense pleasure to know that finally Deepak heeded my advice...so if we have to analyse her on basis of
She knows all the right moves and she showed her prowess in “Piya tu ab to aa jaa” but beyond that I do not think there are memorable numbers that one can revisit. Her persona is so gentle that when it takes time to throw Energetic numbers and get the floor Ablaze it kind of fizzles. They keep saying she is a non trained Dancer but she does put in a decent Dance. When it comes to depicting gentle beauty she did just fine but …Getting versatile numbers or Experimenting did not go hand in hand. When Shamita is announced We expect a Glamorous Do but never a Surprise...


Deepak had a beauty there and it was his job to experiment but he stuck to what is acceptable, doable, one that will not tax her. He did not bring any wordless wow moments to the floor where we would think “ Oh Goddd…Damnation!!! Freak!!! How did they manage that?” He had the onus to put forward newer stuff but he put in simple renditions without too much experimenting. Often he would be so excited that he would resort to taking Centre Stage himself like in the “Goddess Act” or “AFROCRUMP- Where they showed a hunting scene in the wild...” Maybe he was instructed Highlight her beauty and show her as A leading Lady stuff!!! In that case he did his job well!!


How do you measure popularity in the Tele world? It means there are Fans who tweet in support of you .They put in posts on the Instagram and Facebook with edits of the Highlight moments of their Star and often indulge in Cat fights for you with other Fan worlds. The Star takes indulgent pleasure in reading these comments and rarely ever reverted and fans understand. Star is Busy and we offer  Unconditional Love. 
In her Case I have been surprised to not see a single Gang routing for her till a long long time maybe after fifth or the sixth week I saw a Team Shamita and few comments/Tweets in her favour.
What she could have done right from the beginning was to Build on Fanpower…replied to them..keep small contests…arrange for Chat sessions and in General roll in the opportunity handed to her by the Jhalak exposure. Sadly she just about has begun but the Show is almost ending. So when Semifinale weekend fanworlds went crazy with support we saw not many forthcoming for her. Shipa Shetty is her sibling. She too gave only a Video byte rather than actually coming to the Sets and giving her an encouraging Hug!!! Jhalak being Jhalak arranged for some cheap unkempt boys ogling at her…Tell you what …they would hawk at anyone feminine…and the Discomfort on Shamita showed. Well, Little lady we ought to learn to Balance Class and Crass both.

My advice…Shamita when Aishwarya Rai came on the Siver Screen she too was tagged the IceMaiden and  criticised Galore. But Now we know her as a scintillating Diva as one who has given a feisty, iconic “Kajraare” . Go ahead and Make a career out of this new found exposure. Wish you tons of good luck!

Will she win? Based on Fan power …I do not see lot of folks staying up overnight for her. On basis of Mallaika Arora Khan she may Sway the result in favour of her for she has grown fond of her!!!

Faisal Khan

People have labelled him as a super kid…Wonder kid…Shamita says she finds him a tough competition. It has become a wonder to see him perform as in they can do anything and look cute and stunning. His grace is unmatchable and humility touching. Every time a performance ends he is like sharing all his Kudos moments with All and sundry instead of being A Star and demanding Centre Stage. He is humbled after putting in each n every performance. 

The Day ONE saw them put in a super energetic and their Classic Slow motion. 
He looked Dapper and each Move was Clean and Smashing...really a SemiFinale Give all...show all..

He is a power packed and versatile individual.He will do justice to whatever it is you hand him. He went on to give us goose bumps with his Aerial and that too…Blindfolded Act…

I would be the Mother…I would be in a shell shock at seeing my Little one up there with Blind folded and on a tricky traipsy Eye prop. He perched…moved…swiftly from one part too another…came down and well…in general enthralled the Audience with Wordless wowwws…and your breath stuck at the route of your lungs somewhere…

Enchanting…enticinggg…so much so Manik Paul the IGT winner says… "Faisal is like…ho jayega…he believes in just Manifesting anything and everything in the world of Dance." He gives his All. He does not Hold back.So we have beautiful immortal Memories of his Seductive Laavni Dance…to Main hun hero…to ishqwala love…dil toh bachcha hain ji…to classical dance…


VIVEK CHACHERE had a tough Call. Children- that too power packed stunners both. Limitations in that he cannot explore Romance and sensuality. But he took up the Challenge and served Variety. At every juncture he dished out a new Concept. I only have one Complaint…Except Lavani Act you did not give CENTRESTAGE  to Faisal. I agree heads down Vaishnavi Patil is Very Talented and downright Hard working but…It was about Faisal as a star…Choreo’s Job was to highlight him…Give him Centre stage…and make him Shine…
He shone alright but each one of you took this opportunity with Faisal to show case your own popularity…each one took your share of the pie…but my #Masterpiece is that ray of light which will create Warmth and share light wherever…I do wish you could have been so benevolent and ….Allowed few Singularly focused on stage moments of only Faisal…so much so that often it was Vaishnavi who was given Centrestage in "Teen ka tadka" and Faisal was tad bit sidelined…neva mind that we looked only at him…but…
In this arena too he can easily take the Cake and lick  it right up to the last morsel. He is very very very popular with Fans dying super hard for him. Not only do they vote  but each competes on who put in how many more votes and proudly display the number of votes on Instagram updates. People would play hookie from work or spend a zombie day at work for they voted overnight. Semifinale preweeek….saw innumerable video updates supporting our Dude from all corners of the world.It became like if you do it you are in or you would be left out. My sweetheart technology…that I keep harping about…went abuzz with people from fan world and teleworld Starlets… going creative and crazyyy wishing Faisal khan All the best for Finale and assuring him why he will win…till today video uploads are pouring in…People Adore him…enough said…
My advice…Faisal this world of technology gives you amazing opportunity to connect to your fans…Go ahead and stay Connected for they are the ones who actually route for you and stand up for you. You are handed  Talent and popularity both...do take care of both and go ahead in this Tinsel town with tons of Goodluck from us…

Will he win ? They are over hyping and being very patronising…especially Shahid declares... "I want you to win Jhalak" They are building a Crescendo and I fear that they might simply pull the carpet at the last minute…Some accuse he is a Trained Dancer??? Like really??? What is he trained in?? Bharatnatyam?? Kathak?? Has he an international Diploma in Arts and DANCE FROM SOMEWHERE??? 
Attending few dance workshops and a reality show merits to Training?? That way I am sure each one of us is a Trained Dancer…we all attended Some Dance class at some point in our life…I see high Chances of him winning…for he was retained for the stupefying effect he had on thhe minds of the Audience. 
Judges seem to be confused as ever with Mallaika making it clear that Shamita is her Darling whatever she does or does not do…Lauren declares that they nailed it…but Jhalak guys have reduced her to a beautiful Mannequin of Jhalak…not having a say…Wear good clothes…look good…speak little but we may or may not hear it…we may even edit your comments…


The most popular face on Indi television currently and who is so interesting that she is not on any social media and yet there are fans who die and kill for her…its amazing to watch this...it is frightening too!!! Sanaya is a delicate Maiden but her graph was not consistent and there was not very much variety served except the sensuous Bath tub number…or semifinale which had a sweet and sentimental number. She took a while to settle in gave a lovely Aerial Act. Even Semifinale saw a sweet Balancing of Dance n Thermocol sheets. It was cool n sweet while it lasted but it was not a Grand Semifinale Act!!!

No experiments but cool shade of a tree…The  Shadow Act also was cute but it did not stretch any Creative limits or create any Oh my!!!! wow moments for the Audience. 

She looks lovelyyy…she is bubbly chirpy..and in general she is free with her Hugs and tears..only the Aerial Act was a stunner and memorable one for me where they actually came forward and did something worth a wow…


Jai did have a Diamond and he was the gold Cast…His job was to highlight her as a Diva but he too wanted to swim in the rivulet of her popularity and did not give a single Frame to Sanaya  Alone on the  Stage…to sparkle. He was probably too complacent and depended on creating Drama and ride on the fans support that come Hell or high water…they will vote for her and save her…he had the horror Act but he made it funny…he needs lesson from the creepily talented Contortionist who came from IGT and in a matter of seconds…raised our goose bumps and fear factor both…

With Sanaya he simply made it a caricature...a cartoon show…a muddy Act…made murkier…not scarier…So he depended more on creating Drama then showing a different style each week to the Audience so that we take home some memories. For her Fan I am sure they could see no folly or Dint but maybe a choreo of the Calibre of Puneet or Salman would have taken her to greater heights of popularity


She has Fans…lots and lots of them. So much so that they stalk every tweet on colors or Face book and insta updates…any and every…whether it is related to Sanaya or not…Frightening as When Kavita Kaushik put in a video update supporting Faisal khan with her Dear friend Aashka Goradia…they lambasted  her as a Traitor on Twitter. That is Dangerous activity. We are a Free Nation. While government is taking away many of our freedoms we can retain to Endorse our liking for a certain telestar!!! 
Gang Activities are such…mob mentality then loses focus and begins to act funny and undemocratic. I was surprised to then see a complete Lack of Updates coming from tele world or Fan world.Maybe crazy fan activity is the reason she has gotten off the techno world… she is not on any social media and so People would find it funny to address her and wish her Good luck for the finale…But Jai could have made provisions for fans video uploads and wishes…Maybe then Fans could have gotten busy uploading videos instead of Harassing Kavita for an innocent video supporting Faisal Khan...I saw that with Vivian Fans where they wreak Havoc with the Reputation if very Star they want to support...
My Advice…Sanaya you are a good looking Versatile  Actress. Jhalak is but one feather in your Cap. I would love if you come on the Media handles to take kudos but  even if you do not...I can see now why you do not...???I would be scared stiff of such fan accounrability...Anyways and otherwise march onwards and forwards with your talent!

Will she Win??? If voting is the criteria then she has a high chance of winning. If Judges opinion is the Criteria then…umm...it cann go any ways for our poor judges are busy pouting for selfies and convincing the world they are fun loving, non thinking Classroom mates…and we have updates that ask us to TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY…in sucha  classroom …Decision is a matter of whimssss!!!


No other participant has such an ups and downs as Mohit has had!!! He has forgotten steps…his choreo had an injury…he danced a while with Bhawna Khanduja and then Sneha Kapoor. He gave a sensitive performance with his almost solo aggressive rendition however the Semifinale was not upto the mark with certain goofs happening in the act with the IGT Contestant…

Day one had him look a handsome Packer who did pack a punch and the Choreo was smart enough to give him a Centre Stage with the Props…

It was like they did highlight…look at him...He is the Star…but Mohit seemed to lose stamina by the end of the Act and went Kaput at places…next day too he looked stunning in the mythological attire however he did not quite bring in the Bodily gumption and strength of the warrior that was needed.


Marischa brought in Variety. They failed in some projects…they came out winners in some…but one thing She proved. She is a choreo who knows to polish the Diamond given to Her without Harping on self. 
Full marks to Marishcha as bringing concepts…highlighting steps…that would aid Mohit…and So 13 weeks back who did not know Mohit much today he has become a household Name as a hardworking, versatile and good looking hunk on the show. I loved the Fact that  at every juncture It was needed to put his best foot forward…Mohit was given that liberty…whether he faltered or made the Best of it…Marishcha allowed it.The bond was visible and am sure they will end up as allies for life. Marischa I too will remember you as a lovely sweet and matured individual.


The only sweet fellow who made time and regularly interacted with fans on a daily basis. Quote Tweet of every fan and reply to them. He used the Jhalak exposure to the Hilt and build his popularity and yes he has his share of Tele supporters…wishing him good luck on Insta and twitter and extending love and warmth towards this sweet and gentle fellow who is yet trying to convince himself that he actually made it to Finale…
My Advice …you have indeed overcome your Dance limitations…stepped out of your comfort zone and done what you thought you could not do…You have build new fans and go ahead and enjoy life…wipe that bemused expressions from your Face you can Dance
Will he win??? I see a big possibility. For he is the Dark Horse of Jhalak. He slid in silently…while others got eliminated…he stayed…he has left a show to get into Jhalak…and he had a point to prove himself…so while all Are noisily purchasing Champagne bottles and arranging parties …and vying ffor jhalak  trophy…we just might have this Silent unassuming Fella takin the trophy back home proudly…I do  not buy this trained dancer bit but I doo believe that someone who has not danced regularly on shows or otherwise can be safely categorised as a Non DANCER AND He just fits in that Bill…So if JHALAK stands for Non dancer becoming a Dancer then he is the only one who picks up the Tab…
But it is left to be seen…Will Shamita make it…people assume shee is here due to family connect??? Where is it??? Where was it all these years??? Why not use connect for a higher purpose???
Will Faisal make it…People argue he is already a dancer but he is so adorable that eliminated contestants like Raftaar, Bhawna,Vivian, Shubhreet seem to support him…just because he is  dance show winner shall we discard all the Hard work and versatility???
Sanaya can surely make it…she has the fan power but fan power will egg her presence in the show…is it sufficient to bag the trophy???
Mohit will win??? He is the Dark horse not looking promising…silent…has trophies not been handed to unassuming contestants in the past…soon we shall know….
I will miss Jhalak...I have enjoyed blogging and crazily being a part of a circuit that gossips...screams for first updates…tweets…cat fights…I had funnn…Wish all of them Good luck!!!!

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