Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Courage and Comfort and Choice

So often Icome across people who are in deep distress and pain.The kind of pain that is personal ,the inner world so much in need of help.Yet they do not reach out for themselves .They nurture the whole world but allow themselves to drown in personal misery all the while keeping up an appearance of being happy,fulfilled and having arrived expressions!!!!
And then they ask for a guarantee 'will your crystals change my husband????' 'will the card tell me how to control my child?????'Can Reiki improve my finances??? The answer to all of this is YES .....and you need a different perspective to look at yourself and life and people.Each one of us is an alive kicking human being would we like to be done over or controlled????If the answer is NO then lets stop expecting to do the same with Reiki or Crystals...or expect the card to find the way to manipulate....
We all have created a certain reality for ourselves more often we live in those comfort zones ...and we do not have the courage to shake the comfortable existence...AND EVEN THAT IS OUR OWN CHOICE!!!!
If we are happy and do not wish to change the way we ask our circumstances to change than its a choice !!!
During a healing session a client owns up to certain aspects they want to change as they are painful HOWEVER the mindset ,attitudes ,human steps they need to undertake are too courageous and sweeping...they want the change to just arrive!!!! They want crystals to suddenly pour money or settle disputes or change overbearing husbands to become submissive....
Well all this does change...these are higher sources and they do bring lovely changes but the prerequisite is in them and yourself.It needs working on your issues with different tools ,tools of faith ,mental affirmations,mental visualisation...
Think positive has become such a cliche that everybody seems to be using it to put down the one who is seemingly suffering and has so much even dared to seek help....I went through it myself when i embarked upon this road to self change and then I learned to visualise positive it does not mean to not have negative thoughts it means to immediately substitute a thought or event we want in our life and hang on to it and then call upon these higher beings to help!!! And they come thick and fast to rescue you all they want is for you to do this mental work ....there are lights to infuse your every seemingly troubled situations...crystals to energise your every venture...whether it is love,business,family functions,hoity toity bosses or in-laws.....angels to walk with you in every zone you intend to inhabit.All they ask is FOR YOU TO ASK..FIRMLY HAVE FAITH AND KEEP CALLING THEM
Sometimes people ask they are so powerful why do we need to ask...why can't they help us when we need??Well!!!! They want you to choose ,be the person to accept and demand a change.They want you to exercise CHOICE ...this power to  change is given within and our helpers want us to exercise this change and power.They want that the change that comes about is what you really want really really will cherish like we do by asking the child again and again before we buy an expensive gift and seek reassurance that they will take care of it.
So decide if you have the courage to change your comfortable existence and reach out and choose the new happy and powerful life and be in charge of what happens around you.CHOOSE THIS POWER ITS YOURS AND ITS WITHIN. STOP PLAYING GAMES WITH YOURSELF AND BEGIN A NEW JOURNEY!!!!