Sunday, September 29, 2013

It is world HEART DAY. A lovely day to focus on our bodies and what keeps it going.Our heart begins working from the time we are in our mother's womb till the day we cross over.

There has been much fearful talk on how we are affected by food degradation and its nutritional value.There is enough material in the newspapers how we need to eat healthy .So much tch tch is going on about the pollution and its after effects.How the subsequent generation is getting weaker and weaker .When i asked the angels I simply received a simple answer and it says

'Worry ,fear and stress cause more danger to our systems than any degradation.We are
 HUMAN SPECIES..HIGHLY..HIGHLY...ADAPTABLE AND HAVE BEEN OVER ALL THESE EONS.All the changes in our evolution has established one important fact that we SURVIVE AND THRIVE under every circumstance put forward by our makers.That is the reason man survived in arctic zone to a desert zone.We have been bestowed with this amazing gift to adjust and adapt to just about every environmental change.The accounts of people who survived trying circumstances ...tragedies..all go to prove this fact that human will is what helps the bodily instrument to stay on or leave.
That does not mean in any way that we neglect our diet or not incorporate healthy exercise and other regimes.

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL comes in to give the age old but forgotten formula to stay healthy,active and happy.
As you look at the cards the formula is revealed.The first and the only requisite that we need is STAY POSITIVE.The single most emotion the moment we hear talks of a spiraling negative emotion and the down slide of health begins not with the factors mentioned but with the dark negative thoughts that beset .Another important ingredient that our ancestors gave premium importance is GOOD SLEEP AND REST.In the previous days man took to bed quite early and followed the rhythms of day n night which kept them healthy.Lot of thought was given to creating comfortable bedrooms and sleep space.When someone fell ill firm directives were handed to
In today's busy world this simple asset to health is neglected and so medicines fail to work faster.People want to take that pain killer and get to work ,deal with stress,work till late in the night completing projects and LO AND BEHOLD!!! We are gifted a weaker body and health.

SLEEP AND REST when your body so says and you will not need all those groggy days and test reports.
Another important resource which BODY HAS BEEN ENDOWED WITH is our NATURAL HEALING ABILITY.A source with which we have lost trust and never ever look upon.We always look at the doctor to fix us ..however we have a unique system .When we have a sickness or we fall or something gets us down our HIGHER CREW WAITS for us to decide to use this ability.However when we decline they respect our free will and let it be for us to deal with it.

All the animals have this ability and they are in touch with it.On this day let us tap into this lovely, gentle energy that can get us out and back and singing.

Every day newspapers announce Healthy foods that we can eat to remain so.They recommend organic foods are the best and yet FAST FOOD CHAINS ARE RAINING OFFERS and making millions!!!
Think about it .Rather bless your food with your hands and send love before you partake of it.
Simple formula; STAY POSITIVE
                        SLEEP WELL
                        TAP YOUR OWN ABILITY TO HEAL .
                        EAT WELL AND BLESS IT .


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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Oracle for EVERYONE...


Oracles are personal messages we are given practically every moment of our existence …right from the time we become conscious about our thinking and analysing capacity. Before that too our higher crew is active in protecting and guiding our actions. They want the best for us and are constantly sending us loving guidance. It takes the form of thoughts…a brilliant idea you may get…a hoarding…an encounter with a person…a song on the radio…a newspaper clipping ...a quote in your facebook feed..
However, we all are not attuned to intuitively tune in and trust our inner guidance. We are constantly guided to look for answers outside ...never within, by our past conditioning.

I would like to share a personal anecdote that gave me firm...loving ...scolding guidance but after that I have learned to trust this important source of inner communication.
I was in a car and having a nasty go at my husband. He meekly allowed me to rant and rave. While we were in a heavy traffic, he had no choice but to patiently do the dual work of driving and hearing me. Something passed me by ...first time I ignored it...second time I took notice….Third time I burst out laughing and even at my humbling admission had to tell my husband. I impishly pointed out to the rickshaw’s back hoarding which said…MOUTH!!!!!

By all means it was a firm and loving and humorous way of my higher-folks telling me to shut up and let my poor husband be…it was their way of pulling me and telling me ...well enough now!…whose higher beings? That has yet to be ascertained!!!!But they have sense of humour!!!!Three autos had passed us with the same message.

When we talk of oracle cards...It is an organised system of getting your communication right and discussing it with a loving card reader who may provide insights and opportunities to unravel your dynamics. There are oracle cards for virtually every situation…health…abundance…life purpose…choices…family relationships…spiritual development…growth guidance…healing guidance… romance…and specific steps one can take to rectify and /or heal a situation.

People think of cards as a parlour game and something not to be taken seriously. Cards operate on LAW OF ATTRACTION. You will pull out those cards that address specifically to your situation. Most definitely a SENSITIVE card reader is required to interpret the guidance.

People generally think when there is a crisis situation we must consult the card …I feel you must consult it daily… often as your thoughts are shaping your reality and so the equation of cards will change too. For example I kept getting a card that asked ‘are you willing to forgive?’  Two days later it showed … ‘be willing to forgive’…ten days later… ‘Who are you willing to forgive?’...the cards reflected my dynamics with this emotion. From toying over the concept to seriously considering it…to actually meditating and finally reaching the level of forgiveness and release…the cards showed it all.

Consulting cards to get you predictive answers is a little tricky as what you want and what you are focusing on is constantly changing and cards may give out a firm MAKE A DECISION….OR WAIT...directive.

Oracle cards are excellent facilitators of looking at the situation…understanding the dynamics…reflecting on your readiness to resolve and take guided action…and finding out if this is a favourable time to go ahead or wait and make some necessary changes.

At a daily level let us assume that a person has a presentation to make and the card says...have confidence…self -respect…compassion…it tells the person to not become defensive in his/her interactions and be ready to incorporate views or counter views that may be raised and be willing to elaborate and keep a peaceful frame of mind. If we have a person about to purchase an important property and card says ...explore your options or wait …then yes it would benefit to do more research and get to the core of the purchase aspects. For health....they may recommend second opinion....rely on natural healing….recommend recovery or healing from surgery…or alternative healing methods.

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