Saturday, June 11, 2016


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After hectic times, today the messages finally send out signals to slow down yet again before we get going.


The card brings friendships in the focus. For a lot of us, we maybe are sensing a shift in our friend circle. Many of us must be noticing that as our interests change, so do our friends. New energy is walking in. We must embrace it. It can also mean to connect with friends through means of written material as in internet messaging and texting.
 For some of us it may mean to spend sweet times listening to soft music. 

It definitely encourages outings to a natural place with your friends. Whatever activity we take on, it is advised to undertake gentle nurturing activities that will rejuvenate us and get us ready for the new week and its challenges. Befriend yourself anew with books, music and spending time in your house terrace or window sill. Pick up that phone and connect with that friend you think up of first thing.


He always is. Some of us as a result of heavy two weeks are maybe too worried about future and the predicament of our pet ideas…for some it is worry over children’s future…for some it is a project they are involved in…their babies so to speak…anything just recently undertaken. Have faith that all is being taken care of beautifully as it should so that it works out wonderfully for everyone concerned. 

You may not be able to see clearly as yet but it all will. Simply pray and have faith, and if possible spend the weekend nurturing yourself and be ready to have a relaxed perspective to the very same situation.

Have a great weekend!

Reclaim your energies by rejuvenating.

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