Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Salman Khan's Plight: Trollers' Delight

Salman Khan-The Actor has been controversy's child ever Since anyone has ever known him. But let bygones be bygones.
This present Storm that he has raked in is so interesting!
Some are livid ,some are defensive (read his die hard Fans who cannot or will not see anything untoward in him) some are downright busy in coming up with witty trolls and abusive puns on his insensitivity.
Trends were established on #SalmanMisquoted. The Know-alls say that it is a publicity stunt since his movie "Sultan" is slated for release.
Well...I neither want to accuse him nor troll him. Since he made a public statement on an issue that is equally a "Sentimental Topic" let us ask him and exhort him to do few things that might benefit the society at large since his fans claim his magnanimous stature all the time.
He says after the rigorous schedule he felt like a "Raped Woman"
Hmm...Mr.Khan How many "Raped Women" do you know? To know so closely their plight you might be closely associated with them. We can only hope you had no contribution in their woes and were only a sympathetic audience to them.
Now that you are aware of the physical strain that the "Raped Women" may undergo, can we expect a Positive and life changing rehabilitating influence by yours truly Mr.Khan?
Now do not get me wrong ! I do not wish that you create T-shirts of "Being Raped" to show your support but well Society needs enormous reserves of your Largesse to Prevent, Cope and Heal from this Dire State that a Womanhood goes through. You are a Star followed by millions and no one dare so much as crack a joke on your Persona.
You are Resourceful and in the past we have seen pictures and instances of you offering large monetary sums to afflicted parties.
Will you now do the same to any woman who has undergone this heinous state?
You at least have a fair idea now how a woman feels physically but psychologically???
You were a participant in the Rigorous raping....sorry...gruelling schedule of your film and will reap in huge moolahs when it releases. Unfortunately a "Raped woman" is deprived of the participation choice as well as she sees no rewards forth coming like yours. Only stigma awaits her life and humiliation. May it be expected from you that you shall contribute in a positive way in expressing your support to them? It will hugely add glamour to their situation as now they have Mr. Salman Khan who understands them and maybe stands by them??
Every tragedy must be converted into a blessing . You have a huge opportunity now to extend your huge, larger than life persona in their shadows and bring them to light!!!
Maybe Government then too will be propelled into action to help the "Raped Women" find Dignity.
On an Ending note...Women remain as your "Vice" as you choose them over drinks, do you extend the same choice to your women to choose "You" over anything!!! or not Choose "YOU" ?
Rights must exist on both sides for a Healthy Existence. I am neither trolling you nor calling you names only suggesting a Recourse that you might consider. Hoping your Fans shall consider me too insignificant to even Troll!!!

                            -Sonnal Pardiwala

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