Saturday, June 18, 2016

YourQuery: CardsReply

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Cards are Messages our Higher Crew wants to send us as Guidance or Reassurance. There are situations where Cards bring clarity and soothing to jarred nerves.

Today we pick Cards from Deck of Archangel Michael . He comes in to cut through doubts and fears.

The Query is put forward by a person going through depression regarding work and lowered Morale . The person seeks guidance for path ahead.

Cards Reply

Keep Your Eyes On Your Target

You have ideas and certain actions have been taken. However there are half hearted efforts in the Direction you actually want to head. You are right on target however feel low on energy as Desired results are not in sight just yet. Just an archer focuses keenly on the target with readiness in the body so should you arch and aim towards your Goals.

Make A Commitment

Commit to fulfilling your goals. Commit to your happiness. 

Commit to complete every Action steps that you envisage. Much of the Low feelings are due to Inaction and passive wallowing in the state of affairs as unrewarding.

Focus and Act Steadily and promptly is the Mantra Cards send you.
Results come to those who pursue with a fixed purpose and not to those who step off the Wheel so to speak.

Sonnal Pardiwala. 

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