Friday, June 3, 2016


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Earlier in the week we got a strong message that we will have an exciting week with lot of sharing and learning new material. You may have to revise few plans as a result of information coming in. Well, in my case, I did have to let go off a plan that I had been planning to launch.

The weekend cards come to validate that it indeed was a wise revision, and they also bring in the message; there is no stopping yet.

The “YES” Card says loud and clear, that all the intuitive flow of ideas that you have been getting are worthy. Work on all and any steps that you have been making in your mind. The message is a validation.

Another very relevant card that says “YOU ARE BEING HELPED” points to the fact that with burst of energy make come a feeling of being overwhelmed, but rest assured angels are helping you in every way.

If you need energy to keep up with the busy schedule, you will receive it. Simply ask for it! There are people sent into your life, who will be instrumental in propelling your cause further. Trust them. Go in the direction that they are guiding you.

They have been placed to create circumstances conducive towards your goals and aspirations. Though weekends are about rest and reflection, this weekend somehow heralds bursts of activity. Enjoy the humming roll of success and go with it!

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