Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Weekday Angel Fix ~ Messenger Of Thought

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Hope all of you have had a wonderful weekend. As guided, most of you may have worked on the relationships and self-limiting philosophies. You healed them and as a result, Messenger Of Thought rewards you with exciting new Projects and developments.

Every New Project naturally means new paths of research and at an initial stage you may feel a sense of overwhelming. You would get your data from lots of sources news, media, Social media internet and new people who enter into your life as a result.

This card asks you to be “Organised” so that you can compile this data and present it in a relevant manner wherever required.

If you are required to deliver the information orally do it tactfully and diplomatically. A truth rashly laid out brings down all the hard work that you do. Use lots of positive words to present your facts even if they are a little pointed…and need an assertive stand-point.

Review your documents, notes or other paper work carefully. If you are to sign it or present it, careful review and thorough checking is recommended.
Be ready for changes or delays in plans as new facts surface. Be patient and organised.

This week promises lots of learning for you and sharing of information and knowledge. Do have an organised and a diplomatic week where you learn and share with like-minded people.

Take charge of your lovely life.

  Sonnal Pardiwala,
Internationally Certified Angel Card Reader.

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