Friday, May 20, 2016

Weekend Angel Fix :Getting To Know Each Other

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Friday energy always beckons to all to work on the inner you. Your Higher crew is always wanting all to be happy and deal with each issue harmoniously. They ask always to create a Win-Win  Situation for everyone.

The Card for the weekend says “Getting To Know Each Other” ( From Romance Angels Deck by Doreen Virtue).

It urges all of us to spend time working on the Most important aspect of us...our Relationships!!!

It speaks to each one of us encouraging us to be honest with our innermost feelings. The more you let an issue fester or push it under the rug the more it will create wide chasms .

For those who have just begun a relationship , spend time together talking about each other…Family patterns of behavior, anxieties, idiosyncrasies. The more one gives a peek of self the deeper the bond becomes.

For those who have been formally Engaged, it is time for the respective near and dear ones to get together and get to know each other. A dinner get together is a wonderful idea.

For some of you who have been having a long term relationship , naturally this card talks of encouraging honest talks about things that did not sit well with us…things we want to change about the relationship and our partner or key figures like behavior of a sibling or a parent.

Sometimes we cannot do it all alone and it is alright to take additional help either of a professional Counselor or a wise Elder whom you can trust.

To summarize

Spend time with loved ones...

Talk about inner desires, hopes, fears and ambitions...

Do not procrastinate talking about what really matters...

Take help if needed of a wiser agency that you can trust...

Have a lovely weekend. May all of you unburden from your bosom things that weigh heavy and come out refreshed and rejuvenated this weekend. 

Still want to watch the video Angel Fix? Here it is.

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