Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Angel Fix: Flirt!

Friday energy brings with it a relaxed whiff and kinda slow down vibes. You have worked the entire week dear ones and fulfilled most of your responsibilities. One responsibility you have towards yourself. That is to love yourself! Laugh and lighten your energy and collectively uplift the energy of all those who connect with you.
The message the Angels from Romance Angels Deck have for all of us is “FLIRT”.
Woww…apt and clear!

Angels do not mince words and messages. They tell you clear and concise what they want you to do. They want each one of us to have fun.

The card speaks to “Lovers” …flirt with each other. Fix a date and absolutely paint the town red. Cuddle and be cosy with a film and eat-in meal. Time to talk nonsense nothings and create a cosy weekend!

The ones who are technically unhooked…I am sure you have that special ones whose attention you covet…Coyly flash those eyes…send those meaningful smiles and light energy that makes them feel special.

The already married and into it couples…life has probably become too dull and mundane. Liven it up by singing your favorite song that you sung together…Give the other a simple surprise and smile that shows the other is loved and still desirable.

There are those who connect to my blog or live update who seem to be away from Lady Venus and is in no hurry to allow Cupid to send his arrows …well the card still tells you…Slow down…play with life with a little dose of sense of humor and well…lighten up. No harm in cracking few Jokes…being little funny and looking at life with little less serious glance.

All of you sending loads and loads of love, relax…lighten up…connect lovingly to others…view life a little less solemnly…you will have more energy for the coming week if you nurture the loving one within and around…!

Sonnal Pardiwala,
Internationally Certified Angel Card Reader.

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