Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekday Angel Fix: Consult An Expert!

Check Out your weekday Fix here, if you are more of an audio visual person: Click Here

So we have all had a fabulous weekend and sort of jostled the Monday blues and are in full throttle with all the things that need to be done. We often find ourselves barraged by so many issues.

Our angels send us a strong message that this is not the period to battle it out all alone. We often go round and round struggling with issues all by ourselves and create a shroud of anxiety and confusion for self.

Here is the simple advice and it will make you efficient.

Go to the concerned person in your relevant field who you deem to be an expert. This person has the required know how and may resolve the issue at hand briskly and you will be left wondering as to why did you simply prolong the matter?

The expert will give you a plan of action that will begin the resolution process.

So, if you are a student and are worried about what career path to choose, go to a career counsellor, attend a career seminar and gather more information.

If you are going through a medical issue worrying and fretting over the symptoms will get you no-where. Leave the chaos and ask for help. The medical personnel will promptly put many of your thoughts to rest and prescribe you medication that puts you on path of recovery and renewed energy.

This is applicable to any area of your life. So much help is available…why battle it out all alone?

If a beautician can fix it why not pamper yourself?

If a teacher can teach you things why not go to them?

If a legal matter looms on your head, why not go to a lawyer?

If you need a loan, well go to the bank…speaking to your neighbour or friend is hardly going to create funds!

If you need help, look around for the specialist who can help!

The chosen expert at any rate will have more information than you do.
Lastly, the higher crew is my all-time expert whom I consult daily.

So I ask them to guide me to the right path for my life concerns and they bang on send me tons of signs and right people who will miraculously co-create my intended reality.

My higher crew and your higher crew are waiting to consult you. Get to them. Ask for help. Look for signs that come and manifest the best.

Have a super creative and efficient week, all of you who connect!

Still want to watch the video Angel Fix? Here it is.

Sonnal Pardiwala,
Internationally Certified Angel Card Reader.

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