Friday, May 27, 2016

Weekend Angel Fix…Love & Introspection In The Air!

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Today, Angels bring in double messages…for those who are in a relationship and also for those who are in all probability, single.


Some of you have been dating for a while or just maybe sending those silent messages to each other. Some who are wondering if there is any chance to take that to another level.

This card brings in good news that there is crackling and simmering feelings that can be and should be explored. The possibility of a Romance unfolding is very, very, very strong. Even those relationships, where a certain time has elapsed and the passion has toned down, this weekend asks you to reignite those sparks.

Weekends are the best times to calm down your flurried activities and spend time maybe talking “sweet nothings” or simply spending some truly private time getting to know each other anew.

Just sit in each other’s presence and take time to compliment, uplift and validate the other. It will be worth every effort that is made. The newbies; book your bouquets and send those love cards and gifts for the other. Why wait for Valentine’s to express your Admiration? This weekend is as good as any…Enjoy the warmth and love!


Okay! So all those pouting and sulking for they have no romantic interest in their life angels send you messages too. The Unicorn seems to be feeling entrapped…however, look closely, the trap is a false one. The Unicorn can easily jump over and terminate the self-imposed limitation.

 Similarly so often we keep ourselves stagnant due to our thoughts of what is not possible. This weekend do introspect as to what it is that is holding you back. Most often it is:

I am no good!” (Why judge yourself so harshly?)

No one will care for what I have to say!” (At least try! What you gotta loose?)

It is very late now to try!” (The time trap is illusionary…you must keep trying till you can!)

Look within and find your traps and counsel yourself!

This weekend asks us to reach out and explore the relationships we have been having around at the same time spring cleaning cobwebs from our minds and heart so that when we come to the new week, we are energetic and ready to face and conquer the world.

                                                                                           Sonnal Pardiwala,
Internationally Certified Angel Card Reader.

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