Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Angel Fix Tuesday: AUTHOR

People have asked me what are Angel Card readings and it has been amusing to actually understand or make someone understand.

It is a way of life. It is your Angels and guardian Angels code of messages to you.

They are talking to us all the time and are ready to help. If only you would listen.

Cards are one of the specific ways you get clear messages. As you are guided daily you would know what it means so stay with me and know the love of angels. They will have fun and so should you.

For now every Tuesday and Friday we shall meet. Tuesday shall be devoted to life messages and Friday to Romance as we are shifting our energy to weekend Mood and Its time to cuddle and be cosy.

So today’s Card is “AUTHOR” from Life purpose Card Deck of Doreen Virtue. 

It essentially tugs at the writer within us to create. Words bring life to all our thoughts. So those of you who want to write a Book and have been stalling. Stop and Start Now. Write the ideas down without any judgements towards your own self like;

 “This is silly.”

“No one will like it.”

“I can never complete it.”

“I do not know how to go further.”

“Just go ahead and give yourself permission to additionally enjoy the process.”

Another meaning is if you already have a book written but have not dared to submit it to a publisher, it’s time to take charge and find avenues to get it published through self-publishing mediums. Your Angels are telling you to take that leap and absolutely believe in your Creative Self.

If you wish to give a message to anyone over a social media network Your Angels urge you to do it without hesitation. If it is a text or Even if you urge to do microblogging, go ahead. The written word is always powerful; CONNECT AND ENJOY.

Shed the inhibitions and simply; go for it!!!

If you are a Creative in any field the general message is to Not hold back but create and express, trusting that Angels shall open Avenues for you the moment you give inner permission…

Have a creative Day. May Angels fix everything you wish to fix…

Sonnal Pardiwala,
Internationally Certified Angel Card Reader.


  1. Sonnal!! I love this post loads. It makes one believe in the power of the angel to translate beautiful things into reality:)

    1. Thanx Vishal
      That is the Aim of our Higher Crew. To bring Beauty of our Manifestations Alive. Angels do have Lot of power. Simply invite them into ur Consciousness.