Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Festive Card: Reading Message For All Who Connect.

Festivals are the time when we let our guards down and it is the time to look within. Take a healthy assessment of where we have been and where we want to be. It is a time to take a feel of carving out a destiny for ourselves. Here Cards bring in a cosy corner of the tree encouraging all of us to withdraw and think.

Another Loving message that the Cards bring is a clear message of friendship. There are those who are lonely and need friends. There are those who are evaluating their existing friendships. At whatever level your friends and relationships are here is wishing that each of you find loving friendships to celebrate and be joyous.

The Third Card brings in a reminder that each of us find within ourselves passion. Things and activities that make you passionate are to be embraced and pursued with renewed vigour and trust. It is this passion that gives us reason to be and feel thrilled with our lives.

Finally Cards wish you Prosperity. Lady Abundantia showers her grace in forms of wealth and prosperity. Once you commit to following your heart and fill your life with true purpose Prosperity follows . Cards request that trust in the supply of universe. 

There is enough for everyone to fulfill all their needs . Follow your intuition that sharpens when you introspect and embrace your inner purposes and surround yourself with loving friendships prosperity enters each one of your lives.

So Eid Mubarak to people all around the globe and may you be endowed with Friends, Passion and Prosperity.

                                                             -Sonnal Pardiwala, Ceritfied Angel Card Reader.

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