Sunday, July 10, 2016

Ray Of Light

There comes a time in the life of a spiritual healer when they are called upon with their tools to guide in a situation that requires patience and calls to quell tons of anxiety.

A gentlemen is in the medical care and has undergone a brain surgery. Naturally every moment is filled with tremors and turbulence. The heart tends to picture all that is not appealing and tends to focus on the worst outcomes possible. It is at such times they turn to God for his divine Intervention and also to healing modalities if they believe in them. That is when the role of spiritual healer to balance the rife tension and gently place Hope in the hearts of all who believe.

I am blessed with various Healing Tools that have conferred their magnanimous presence in my Life. The moment I am connected to the ones who believe and seek I invoke first the ARCHANGEL ENERGIES no matter where I am. In this instance I was in the car moving towards my parents’ residence. I invoked archangels to be by their side. As soon I could, I sent Reiki symbols to the concerned person at the Soul Level.

If I have the Cards I connect and ask what they tell me about the situation. In this case when Cards were consulted I saw strong presence of Archangel Azrael. He is the Archangel Of Death. He helps soul cross over in the transition process. The other card too was counselor card which again points to strong presence of Archangel Azrael. 

The counselor qualities point out to dual areas. A message for healer to instill hope in this bleak environment. Archangel Chamuel too showed up. He is the Archangel who helps people “Find” These cards together tell that Archangel Azrael is patiently waiting for the soul to decide to exit or stay. Each soul different exit plans which they accept or reject. 

Should they accept the exit moment, Archangel Azrael will intervene and help the transition moment. Should they decide to stay then Archangel Chamuel will help the soul find fresh new hope instilled purposes to live on.

The moment these two cards unravelled that the process of decision is yet going on…the next thing that the healer needs to focus all the energies on healing. Do not, at this moment, even for a fraction of a second be shaken by any technical details that make the scene sound dreary.

Pray. Reiki helps me to send distance healing to wherever the person is without even knowing their name or location or birthday or any such personal details. The connect by their near and dear ones is enough. Know this- we all are connected and intertwined in this Universe. We are all connected. Every time we pray we send a beam of white light towards the person. The Higher force is intelligent. It does not need address or envelops to reach its destination. It just showers grace.

Pull up gently anyone who distorts the medical facts that predict doom and gloom. Till you have the news the person is on plane Earth it is time to continue your healing work. No one is an authority on healing. Honest intentions and genuine trust in the Universal healing force is all you hold dear.

We are Humans and so we cannot survive in Passivity so we need Action steps and reassurance from your Healer forces. So we turned to Archangel Raphael who is a Master at healing by enwrapping in healing Emerald Green Light. The Cards that came are super reassuring. 

The Cards come with a Baby’s picture and an affirming “Yes” . Babies herald new lease of life which is reassuring to the core. It tells me the Soul has decided to Stay and not take his exit plan. Another powerful reminder is “Prayer Works” it always does!!! There is no substitute to it. All we need to do is pray to God or whoever we believe in and affirm “Let healing pour in this situation and help and guide all involved.” 

The Last Card, that makes my heart sing, is “Recovery”! It means good news…it may have appeared as a card that tells us how the person is progressing or at the least best for us to focus on the word and affirm it again and again and again till …well till all involved are healed, relaxed and happier.

Let us all pray for this Gentlemen and his Family and ask all the loving Angels to descend and shine their light in this situation and may this be a guide to me for yet again miraculous account of how we all are connected and how we can heal ourselves and be Messengers of hope and love to anyone who needs it at a delicate turn of life. 

-Certified Angel Card Reader 

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