Saturday, July 23, 2016


Young life is an exciting, dreamy phase! You want love and independence both. As each pal walks down the aisle or walk round the sacred fire with the forever vows, you yearn to know when you shall walk down that path and taste the bliss.

We have Gentle friends among our Cards and today they explore a query from one such young one, as to “When shall marriage happen? When shall the soul mate string their soul’s music? If at all look at what is blocking the whole process?”

Naturally, the Go to deck was “Romance Angels Cards”!

They had the coolest of conversations with a thumbs up sign!  

Here is what they have to say…to this query and to all the soul mate seekers in general.
First reassuring message is to be optimistic about love life. Too many young hearts get so easily  disheartened too soon.

First and foremost, infuse your heart and being with Faith and positive expectations. Being in the state of readiness to receive your life’s gifts facilitate their manifestation into our lives. So first believe with deep trust that you are attracting at this very moment your life mate and circumstances are so synchronizing each moment to get the two of you together. Each day hold a thought for your love life flourishing and materializing in all its tenderness.

What might be the Blocking element?

Two cards “Flirt” and “ Trust” came in . Often young folks do start out at the lighthearted stage of Flirting with a potential partner and stay there preventing the relationships from progressing into further stages due to issues related to trust. There may be a past experience that may hold you back from trusting completely and allowing the warm feelings to reach the heart. This too puts a strain on the mate to consistently keep proving the love and care they have for them. It can get strenuous to keep furnishing emotional evidence instead of exploring the various layers of delicious Amour. Kindly look at those hidden tiny darts of suspicion and  distrust  that are creeping in and do not allow you to surrender fully.

Each person has in their blue print of life a mate who will nourish them and fulfill them with lots of love and such a relationship is worth waiting for. Work on issues that might be getting in your way of materializing a lovely soul mate. If you do, dear one, cards suggest that the turn of this year is the best time when you would have weeded out the unwanted obstacles, worked sufficiently and created that readiness which will herald a beautiful process of permanent sealing of a long standing relationship.

Cards wish you all the love and luck and a wonderful soul mate soon. Stay ready and accept all that is offered. 

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