Wednesday, July 27, 2016

PURANA SONA - Short Film

Watch Now-    PURANA SONA 

We lived in a world where Entertainment was Clean ,Wholesome and Touched upon Social issues close to an Average person's life!

We lived when Music was linked to ‪#‎ChaayaGeet‬ n ‪#‎Chitrahaar‬ on TV.
We lived in an era where using"Cuss Words" was not yet Cool. We overheard them in trains and bridges from Drunkards...only they used such words...‪#‎Culturedupbringing‬ Forbade profanity to drive your point!
We waited for Ashok Kumar to give his smiling sermon after ‪#‎Humlog‬.
Our ‪#‎Lajoji‬ was epitome of Feminine grace!
Our Rajni was Fiery and Righteous...
Our Gang of Hooligans were sweet ..slightly annoying...Nukkad Gang!
Our National Integrity sprung from "MileSur Mera Tumhara" 
Our ‪#‎Shortfilms‬ were Animated ‪#‎ChidiyanGilahari‬ n Voiceovers....Come n Take a Nostalgic Walk down the lane You and I walked and Assess where we plan to Lead Next Gen...or simply sing "Ye jo he Zindagi Thodi Khatti Thodi Meethi" ....
Yes we go forward n onward with the Wealth that was Yesterday!
Sonnal Pardiwala 

#puranasona #shortfilm only on
 India's youngest YouTube channel bLOGiMLY

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