Sunday, November 27, 2011

Reiki -a gentle friend

<p>&lt;p&gt;&amp;lt;p&amp;gt;&amp;amp;lt;p&amp;amp;gt;Reiki came into life very&lt;br&gt;<br>
gently just when i needed to grow,in need of a friend at a very lonely phase of my life.All the ambitions of my young sekf had to be put new family needed me.My husband had just come out of a debilitating illness...i had almost lost my son during pregnancy...but deep prayer haf brought him through but we were going through some difficult financial time. Ihad no friends to sit and share any of my predicament ad a wife,as a new mom,as a working woman...then a bombshell!!!!Shahen was diagnosed with low platelet explained by doctor...he can bleed he will have blood will be fatal to play any contact do you control a growing boy and restrict him????I became restless,scared, almost panicky...could not leave him alone even for a minute...felt this way&amp;amp;nbsp; we would soffocate him and then i did what i do always...Prayed deeply to someone up help and intervene and from depths of my mind came back a faint memory of my mind a picture of my bhabhi give Reiki to Nozzer at a crucial time and i knew it was the answer to my situation. started the process of learning..I went to many masters learned the technique of Reiki but my main education came from books....a different kind of relationship with a bookstore everytime there was a book for me to learn i automatically i was guided&amp;lt;br&amp;gt;&lt;br&gt;<br>
to visit it and there were books that made Reiki real to me helped me put in practice all that i can do to heal and i learned a vital difference between healing curing andreversing an illness..then came help and i realised Reiki is protecting Shahen every minute...sure he got illnesses but they came under control so send a caring doctor who was ever available and helpful.All those days when he bled Reiki intervened and healed in time and.i remember the fateful Diwali night when Shahen fell from a stool with the entire washbadin in hand and we rushed to hospital doctor rushed from airport!!!!instructing to not let him helpless and out of control we felt...all i could do was give Reiki and pray to all my gods to help my little one.The doctor was livid!!!!knowing my childs condition it was unforgivable to have Shahen...doc thought there could be afracture...due to his condition no stitches can be given....amongst alk this i was fervently requesting to help...And Miracles do happen in the morning we discovered he had no fracture. .bleeding under control and the same week we visited udwada our religious place...all i could say is thank you Reiki.Reiki has always given and poured...all my requests have been granted..all my dangers solved.I remember i desperately wanted to learn masters degree to teach this white magic to whoever needed healing and need this beautiful energy..but i had no money to pay outright and i was in the seventh month of second pregnancy..and i found Ravi hooja...dhunbhabhi again at work!!!!and he agreed to teach me just with 1000 rupees and pay later whenever without any grand attitude...just trust in the higher forces...and so happy iwas or a last test awaited...i Fell!!!!with the baby inside me on my stomach....fell!!!!the pain was tremendous...somehow Imanaged to reach dhun's house call Nozzer and off we went to see my gynaec all this while giving Reiki and believing that Reiki would do no harm...and to my relief baby was fine but i couldn't move...fracture suspected but next day went to the orthopaed's clinic....waited and then took an important untraditional decision....walked out of the clinic decided to heal this with Reiki....miracles.within two days i could move...cook. ..clean and resume normal work and the same Sunday received my masters training...such is the power of heals what needs to...gently without pushing....its always there with you...another miracle i experienced when my mom was diagnosed with cancer...operation was.dangerous expensive chemotherapy predicted...but clear Reiki therapy and three years now no chemo has been administered...these are my major miracles...minor miracles which have left me openmouthed are several...Now the miracle i m hoping to create is my own healing centre where i win over more and more believers of Reiki and healing...and increase the faith in latent human power for health instead of relying on helpless medical models that are expensive and give out less hope but i have also realised it is a firm friend you cannot dictate terms you can request and wait...what you deserve Reiki will find a way to get. ...Thank you Reiki for all the love bestowed....learn would the best thing you would do for yourself and your family and liFe as whole

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