Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ajeeb Daastaan hai ye…

As I saw the first episode roll, and saw a happier than thou family –two kids, rich house-hold, ma-in-law & daughter –in-law planning hubby dear’s birthday party ...Well!!! I did begin guessing where this could go!!!

Then enters Harsh Chhaya  (as Samar) a brilliant actorall lovey dovey and romantic and obedient …now I wondered… “Surely there is a mistress somewhere” But before I could switch my tele set to another channel, I also had to concede the presence of Sonali Bendre(as Shobha) If she was in, well maybe this saga can be a little different. I then waited to see how this tried and tested drama will play out. It does make a sensitive drama if in dignified hands.

It is tough to portray how a woman feels when she uncovers her husband in somebody else’s arms…much is written and spoken about it but only a woman who goes through it knows how her world comes crashing down. Only she knows the inner shame of this sacred violation of intimacy …Only she can feel that tearing apart of an existence she build around this man she calls her husband. Only she would know the sense of denial ...This feeling to rewind and reverse the fate as if it never happened or at least no one should ever know…more than the man she stands EXPOSED!!! Much later much much later the strands of this hurt will keep coming back to taunt her in her nights even when she thinks she has moved on…

Shobha stands there looking around. A friend expects her to see the truth as it is…but for her she is still his still has to fully dawn on her that she has to face this bitter truth of her marriage. Her husband is far from being Apologetic ...Men never are. They knew what they were doing and what they could get away with. It is only the woman who needs to single handedly guard and defend her fort. No one ...I think no one can wipe her tears and rebuild her tattered dignity back with a soothing word. In this she exists alone with her misery and with herself as her only counsellor. She has children she has to look around and act normal for their sake. Her children would never ever understand and how do you tell your kids your father prefers another woman and not your mommy…She cannot tell that to herself how would she even dare to do that with her kids? She cannot even so much as raise her eyes and cry, much less tell anything…

Then there is this taking of Sides ...your own people standing and telling you ...OVERLOOK THIS!!!

She realises some already knew it before she did ...even were allies into it. Some after knowing would shrug their shoulder and tell her to hide it…forget it so as not to shake the apple cart... Economics you see…Social prestige you see...

If he is the earning member, he knows she cannot go far away…the others in family do not wish to create a if one has not been created already…

What does a woman do, lament over her state of affairs?? Ask for mercy….cry over someone’s shoulder –none is forthcoming-
Who can she go and tell her insides just shattered …she felt insulted at her intimacy being compromised? People-relatives and friend blame and take sides and give strong opinions…
Where are the answers??? Is another Man an answer???
Is Economic independence the answer???Is Divorce an answer??How can you now explain the kids that their perfect existence is ruined for your father does not prefer your mother??Now things are not the same between your dad and mommy???
Is it the kids fault? Can she take on the mantle of responsibility of kid’s mental health? Who do they choose to live with? Who do they choose to love? For them father is the hero of their existence and mom the ultimate heroine? How and why will they take sides? 

What about the family existence…festivals...anniversaries…outings…which were a source of gaining happiness ...would they not become tug of war???

So, Yes, I am avidly following the show to see how they play up the dynamics  ...How they deal with each aspect ...Do they give justice to this inner turmoil of the woman or will it be another titillating drama of Indi serials garnering TRP’s and following whichever trend that gets them reviews?

©Sonnal Pardiwala


  1. thanx sonal. will read your reviews. do you do the day by day review since we cannot catch up on the show everyday.

  2. Thanx Janaki. I do a two week review generally with the highlights.It is my view of the show n characters as I see them...If an epi is full of energy n action..i might do that too.