Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Your Query: Cards Reply


Abundance is a coveted situation by all. It does not mean only money or material additions.  It also means manifesting opportunities which have been harboured deep inside. Pray deeply and hold on tight. Do not wait to be "Discovered". While you wait for your dreams to present themselves in front of you, keep on sharpening your skills and practising your craft. 

At a juncture like this, cards were invoked and they could never have been as accurate. Their predictive magic astounds and reassures. 

They came up with a message that the querent is at the threshold of getting a piece of news that will bring in BUSIER times.  A THICK VEIN of possibilities and abundance is likely to open up. The Third Card however speaks of loss and stagnant projects.  

On an intuitive note, the card was respectfully kept back and another card was picked. The card that came forth was of "Positive Recognition

For the uninitiated it may mean a rejection of angel messages.  To us it signifies a deliberate declaration of "Free Will" to invoke happier endings to our life's scripts. 
Sure enough and to deepest surprise of the querent, a phone call 📞 offering a manifestation of a long cherished dream came through.  The work done so far had generated trust enough to merit a bigger assignment from the Universe and Mortal 🌍 World. 

Cards are super accurate, clear in their messages.  They offer potential events and depending on the free will choices exercised, the life scripts progress. 
This particular card reading was by far the most rewarding and interactive and blessed for the reader and the querent. Hope it blesses and inspires those who read 📖 the blog. 

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                                                                                                  -Sonnal Pardiwala
                                                                                                   Certified Angel Card Reader


  1. Loved it! It vibrated positivism..

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