Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Healing Lights … Healing lives.
Colours have made our lives interesting. The various hues and shades add meaning to our furniture, décor, clothes…make up…and just about everything.
People would have remotely heard about colour therapy and how it can be used to treat ailments and influence moods. However, the healing power of lights by consciously invoking these lights… sending them to desired effect is what created empowerment in my life. These lights are freely available to everyone as they originate and exist in this infinite universe and are available at will.
Before we begin to explore further…I would like to disclaim any knowledge of colour therapy…I am not writing this as a colour therapist. I write this as a person who lives a humble existence as a mother, wife and professional. I am faced with countless situations where my heart flutters when kids go out of sight…or struggle with rising levels in academics. I am irritated with headaches when I have projects and chores to complete. I have relatives and customers behaving in that are counterproductive. But now I am fully at peace for I have as my friends- these heavenly lights. Let’s explore these energies and how to put them to loving use and feel empowered.
This light is freely available to all who invoke. Fill it mentally in your aura and it will become your cleansing agent and take away impurities. Cover whatever you wish in white light for cleansing and then bring it to you. First thing in the morning request the white light to cover your whole body to lift away accumulated energies   alternatively send to someone you wish to be uplifted who is unwell or in a pessimistic frame of mind.
Cover yourself/visualise yourself as sitting in a white balloon and feel energised.
Fill an entire room with white light you wish to be energetically cleaned. Whenever there is a meeting, or a discussion, ceremonies…cover or fill with white light and feel energised! And energise others!!!
This is the most magical of lights used to send Love to people you care… you wish to forgive… some near or dear who is angry with you.
Cover yourself with pink light on a daily basis that way you will vibrate with love and people interacting with you will feel the gentle energy and find it difficult to remain angry with you.
Alternatively, you are going to meet someone from whom you feel intimidated and stressed. Focus on their name (if you have not met) or focus on their heart centre and simply visualise a pink light emanating from your heart and connecting to their heart and filling their whole self with pink energy.
If you are good at visualising…feel them covered in a candy floss…physical and aura self…All energies will harmonise and all shall be well…..
Purple Light is the most loving and protective light. It is also associated to energy send by Archangel Michael ant St .Germaine, both powerful beings who work at protecting and banishing fear. If you are afraid of entering a room where you sense unsuitable energies cover yourself in a purple balloon and you will feel secure. Create a purple wall between you and other person who is constantly sending you energy that makes you cringe…of course alternate it with sending pink ray to their heart. Our aim is peace at all times. The wall of purple protection will give you some time to feel confident and peace-loving. Our aim is not separation but empowerment. Put an aching head or an aching leg in a purple box, an ailing child, money, jewellery, documents anything you wish to be protected can be visualised in a purple box and rest assured it will be…..
Green Light is a healer’s light. No wonder our doctors wear green aprons during a surgery…..
Sparkling Green Light belongs to Archangel Raphael who is a master healer especially in the area of physical healing.
Cover the organ, you wish to be healed in Sparkling Green Light and request it to heal in all directions of time. Cover the room with green light which has an ailing person. It will bring relief and guidance. Archangel Raphael guides with correct medicines, reducing/ changing medication, alternative therapies that can complement an on-going treatment.
Visualise the part of body in question, fill it with Green Light, see it glow and remove all that is required and see the organ now in perfectly healthy state.
Remember to thank the lights for its loving work. For every time you invoke they appear and help. So a grateful heart is blessed faster … a skeptic’s heart will be blessed too but the ever patient lights will wait till you are ready to trust invoke and heal.
Without your permission, remember even Divine won’t intervene. They have send powers and energies and their first command is ‘Help when asked… Ask and is given.’
So mote it be…
Mrs. Sonnal Pardiwala
Reiki Teacher ~Angel Oracle Card Reader ~Holistic Healer

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