Sunday, January 6, 2013 your own healer...counsellor...therapist..friend

~    HEAL D HEALTHY    ~
A very unique phrase struck me when I was pondering over these new ways and tools of life that I had discovered lately.
Yes, I had learned the profound power of gratitude that could turn my life around from pain to happiness …from despair to absolute optimism …
& was I sick when I approached healing modalities???Was I in dire physical or mental situation where I needed physical intervention of medical drugs??? Was I in a suicidal mode???Was I not functional in my day to day work as an earning member or a family member???The answer to all of this is a CATEGORICAL & EMPHATIC, “NO”
I look back at my last decade and I realize I have come far from what and where I was. I am a wife who dealt with being pampered and unpampered …. I have faced the whole gamut of being loved… lost…hurt….arguments…hatred….anger ...depression…..hope……repair …understanding …compassion and LOVE AND OPTIMISM ALL OVER AGAIN.
SO…the question again, was I unhealthy???In a way yes and in a medical way NO….

Most of us go about life being in a normal state of functional health…
we of course have our pet health issues which we cart around for SYMPATHY… headaches…joint pains...back pains… sinus…allergies….seasonal - fevers…which we love to flaunt to whosoever we meet…how we have tried everything under the sun and have not found a cure (or not wanted to!!)
Most of us ,go about life working and earning in a way of life where we dream of always being somewhere ,dreaming of that “once in a lifetime chance”…and sighing and going about old way of life never really taking that one decision that can change the way we earn…and feel happy..
Most of us, go about our relationships ….actually go about in rounds …even siblings do this…rounds of who is doing better in life …who has a better home!!!!Better income!!!Better spouse!!!Better children!!!Better contacts!!! Better everything!!! And life is one unhealthy round of dissatisfaction with life not being upto that someone’s mark!!!!
Now do we consider our-self healthy???OFCOURSE WE DO….are we happy??? WELL………
HEALINITYY as I discovered on my way gave me that peace of mind we call happiness….tools to create my SELF-ESTEEM which was battered by unnecessary comparison….compassionate way of looking at self and others to create fulfilling relationships with ones who nurtured me and let go the ones who did not serve any purpose in my life other than make me feel small or unwanted and I thrived!!!!! It showed me a WAY OF LIFE to create an inner relationship with myself and learn my power as COCREATOR of my destiny….AND I REGAINED MY BIRTH-RIGHT TO DREAM AND PURSUE MY DREAM.
REIKI…my first friend in my path…MY DOCTOR…so many seeming favourites that I carted around as achievements for illness just dissolved as Reiki gave me the insight that humans are programmed to be healthy and enjoy great health…so loose motions to headaches to fevers and post pregnancy issues just evaporated …just like that….

CRYSTALS were another set of friends that taught me to relax when my mind stubbornly refused to relax and let go…just putting a piece on my body settled my jangled nerves and drained away all my stress of work and day to day wear and tear…AND along the way it healed and took away the stored hurts and resentments for I turned back and realized “hey! I have not given this a thought in a long time!!!” “WOW!!”

Another medico alternative relaxant I found were my AROMA OILS….Boy they are so supercool….they relaxed tired head…muscles...back. They brought TREMENDOUS SENSE OF PLEASURE ...THE KIND THAT COMES WHEN SOMEONE GENTLY TINGLES YOU WITH A FEATHER….I as a mother of two had resigned my faith to low sexual drive and resultant less pleasure….but these oils turned the whole scene around gently …lovingly…without even a whisper ….so very efficient no meeting quackos who claim to listen to your stories and tell you, you did this wrong and that needs helping…just silent empowerment …no words exchanged only help extended….Besides sexuality they help restore a sense of relaxed transformation when you want to cut off from an exhausting day and step into your zone…it gives you A SENSE OF WELL-BEING!!!!THE FEEL OF AAAHHHH!!!! MINUS THE ADDICTION OFCOURSE….!!!!

AND THEN ANGELS TOOK OVER …THE BEST DYNAMIC LIGHT TO ENTER MY LIFE!!! Wise benevolent beings who gave me my new lease of life…their cards are my 24 hour consultant who tell me what I can do at any juncture of my life…what impact can a certain decision may bring…..reprimand me gently when I have been stubborn…their gentle healing techniques have cleared and released so much of unwanted debris in my body…physical or otherwise….and I am BUBBLING WITH NEW HOPES..A SPRING IN MY STEP!!! AND ABILITY TO HELP THOSE WHO WANT TO SHARE IN THIS LIGHT…AND MY FRIENDS!
We all are healthy and deserve to be happy, striving, dazzling beings of light ….be our own doctors…counsellors, problem resolvers, motivators…If we enlist their help to remove despair, depression, conflict, disharmony…we would do away with lot of life punishing situations we create…or best bounce back with double rigour out of any situations we don’t like…
SO IS THE MISSION OF HEALINITYY…..Come and claim your share of health and mental wealth and learn to heal and discover your divinity!

© Sonnal Pardiwala All Rights Reserved.

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