Tuesday, March 17, 2015


 After a long long time I wanted to see a movie simply by glancing at the Poster of Ayushmann Khurrana, carrying an apparently, maybe slightly over sized BHUMI PEDNEKAR onto his back…

There is something so Down to earth and Romantic and playful and poignant in this one frame and was so symbolic for me...A woman who completely believes in Love and Romance and that it cuts across all strata and age groups.
All love and deserve love and romance in their lives and it can be created in simple things and simple gestures. It envelops all and it happens all the time.
So I allowed my Husband to kinda convince me to watch it on a Monday night. It was an impromptu decision at eight o’clock once we hit home after a regular work day.
On the Condition that He will pick me up the same way and click a picture IF I LIKED THE MOVIE...(I WAS CONVINCED I WOULD LIKE IT ANYWAY…the poster promised loads…but why pass up a one of a kind opportunity to romance from your hubby;)
The entire film was like a Dear familiar friend who silently sits by your side and gives you a deep and gentle hug…It stays with you like a smile does even when the reason it was generated has moved away…The film is so simple that it takes my breath away in slow gasps…SHARAT KATARIYA accept my Bows for creating a Riveting n heady Mix of this Creation of yours…DUM LAGAKE HAISHA stands for just that extra push we all need to do towards Acceptance of the way our life is…and literally carry our mantle of responsibilities with a courage in our heart that reflected in the eyes of our hero in the climax scene.
The Movie depicts that lofty ideas like romance happen to every Lappu n Sandhya…It does not besot only Men who have muscles n looks to die for. It breaks the myth that the girl has to look like a maiden fairy with oodles of charm and perfect figure to deserve love and self-respect. The movie talks about Acceptance of our existence and celebrating it.
I love the movie because it does not focus on any Malicious aspect of human nature and that there is no vamp dripping her eyes off or villain trying to break apart the relationship…I always used to quip life and circumstances are only enough to create human dramas…this refreshing movie absolutely focused on the eccentricity called humans and the Comedy they create…It beams its creativity with human foibles and flaws…with the very Opening dialogue… “Mera naam Prem Prakash Tiwari. Teen cheese hain, koi kuch karle, meri aankhon se aansoon ko tapakne se naa rok sake. Ek toh angrezi ka prashan patr, doosra Kumar sanu ki aawaaz, aur teesri papa ji ki chappal.” Our protagonist is everything we call a loser in every sense…academically not happening, no looks to die for, financially not flourishing…and has to decide to marry a woman who he does not covet…well she is overweight…

he wants someone like “Juhi Chawla” or at least someone he can walk with in the market with pride…

She is none!!!
So he married her out of family pressure but is still like that petulant child who will not do as told…herein naturally he is told to consummate marriage. This scenes are tickling and creatively so hilarious…

No one should miss it…every character has such a cool rapport and timing, it was amazing to see it unfold…One side we have the Shaakha Pramukh (Shrikant Verma) admonishing and advocating acceptance…of the Gurutvaakarshan…so to speak…and we have a Candid mom (Seema Pahwa) advising her daughter “Apni grihasthi ke liye tera bhi to koi farz he ki nahin…” Oh god…the creaking noise of the charpoy indicating…and the satisfactory smiles on the faces of the mother (Alka Amin)… “Sayaana ho gaya…” and mother actually wanting to call her daughter to give the news that well this part of marriage is done with…you will laugh and smile and giggle and chuckle and all things in between…I had a hard time explaining my nine year old exactly why were the parents so happy with the crinching noises coming from the background…that created another comedy of sorts for us….
Trouble brews not in the Bed but in the heart. Try as he might the petulance of hero will not allow him to accept his wife as a partner. She overhears a conversation about her and some feisty lady we have here…thud goes a slap sharing by both.
He is petulant…she has self- respect. Both at this juncture represent the rash and naïve newly married who must learn to give up a little of themselves and merge with each other…She walks away!
The court scene is my favourite where both the mothers meet and cry as though they are meeting for a dear ones funeral…no blaming anyone…both know their children…these three ladies two moms…one buah (Sheeba Chaddha)… are so much drastically refreshing as compared to the Well clothed and polished  Vamps that abound…they bring forth the acceptance and tolerance the Indian women bring in all situations and littler bumps they create with their eccentricities…
Another clap clap moment was the Pastry scene …All have gathered to meet the rival family who plans to open a CD store that will adversely affect the business...it is mom’s birthday…she is walking around with pastries...as a mark of hospitality..
India stands for that...well rival or otherwise they have come to their house and something appropriate they must offer…so they are fighting...almost logger heads…up in arms against each other...the young guys almost levelling fist and cuffs to each other and father (Sanjay Mishra) is like… “Inka birthday hai kuch to lihaaj karo…lo pastry khao”” The rival friend tries to mouth his choicest of whatever words he wants to say with mouthful of pastry hindering the process…and throwing us up into peals and peals and peals of guffaws…in the theatre…I am going to see it Again and again and try and hear each one of them to catch the entire essence and sense of humour in it…
There are many lovely scenes that you absolutely can treasure n watch…the scene where father is hitting his son with a chappal and hits by mistake his sister and regrets…bua and mother discussing general tendencies of newly married in the night…
In the hilarity also unravels the deep frustration of two people who face limitations...he thinks he cannot even attempt an English paper and she who feels no one shall wed her again…the conversation is superb… “Agli baar dhyaan rakhenge.” depicting the confusion of two young people who can neither love nor yet trust and accept. If married couple were to just wait tad bit more to let this storm pass we would have less broken homes…
My favourite scene and leaves a lasting impact on me is the final Race scene…He agrees to give it a final go…the entire race is symbolic of any married life…
When he is hesitant...it depicts every man is unsure to take up the mantle of responsibility that marriage accrues…When she asks him to give it a try and goads… “Kyun utha sakoge…” it depicts a wife who is willing to give it a go despite the doubts…
When the family walks up with pride and determination…a family comprises the entire fabric of marriage and stands as your support system…good bad...foolish…dramatic…it is a family…OUR FAMILY…
He picks her up …unable to gain momentum yet…and slowly pulls forward with determination entering his eyes…slowly but surely…he realises he can do it…oh yes he can….yes he can…Now he smiles…When she talks gently in his ears she symbolises the constant inspiration that a woman is for the man...egging him on…supplying useful information to carry on “Dono paav ek hi jagah rakho…
While others fall they carry on…in their new found rapport with each other…symbolising many a marriages failing which started great for they lost the rapport…did not find each other anew..
When they fall in the mire...they share a funny moment there…both dirty and flirting …beauty in each other they located when thoroughly smeared in mud!!!
It is the difficult times that bring out the beauty in each other if we would only see it…and sometimes one has to take the initiative to pull the other from the mire if the other is not finding one’s footing…the one who is a little stronger at the time...so she comes out…pulls him with that extra support..
She tells him 'Muje rok lo!'
That is all that he needed somebody to support…somebody to believe in him …somebody to care for him enough to encourage him…He puts her on the back with a renewed vigour and new found resolve…and off he goes…wins the race…but…he keeps on running…she understands…
It is not the accolade that fills him happiness but an ecstacy of finding a true long lasting love. Finally accepting her and himself as one…he keeps on running till he reaches home…
I stood riveted at so many emotions and goose bumps…Sharat Katariya...thank you. I recommend your movie to be played in Divorce court rooms and to those couples that are lost to at least once give it a go…For marriage in India is most of the time arranged and we have to find our way into each other’s hearts and lives…and stay…to enjoy.
Tolerance as displayed in the movie is the backbone to our Indian culture…
And post movie my husband did pick me up and we had a rollicking time...as you can see…

I invite Mr. Sharat Katariya to give us a pic if you are fortunate n married…
Others who read the blog…I invite you to pick your better half n send a pic to my Instagram id @sonnalp and we will repost…or tweet at @SonnalP74…let us savour the flavour of love that the Movie has unleashed… “Kya pata esi movies fir aaye na aaye…!”
                                            by SONNAL PARDIWALA
                                        © Sonnal Pardiwala. All rights reserved.

The Writer claims no rights to the images used in this blog post. 
                                     except the last one, that is! ;)


  1. Too gud sonnal ... Last Saturday only I watch movie with my husband... Similar feeling going in my mind like u wrote... Too good movie... I enjoy a lot only thing is that my husband didn't pick me .....lol

  2. Too gud sonnal ... Last Saturday only I watch movie with my husband... Similar feeling going in my mind like u wrote... Too good movie... I enjoy a lot only thing is that my husband didn't pick me .....lol

    1. Show him this blog n ask him to pick u...show our pics...mayb he wil consider...Send me if he does...Lotsa luv n thanx

    2. Show him this blog n ask him to pick u...show our pics...mayb he wil consider...Send me if he does...Lotsa luv n thanx

  3. Critics should learn fm u.u play with the words n make it so beautiful n interesting.bless u dear


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