Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jhalak- Uncoordinated, Hurried and Undramatic…

With due consideration to all the hard work that everyone puts in the show, something is terribly going wrong!!! Everything looked so hurriedly put together and the promises made were not delivered. The Jhalak Floor looked like a class left in the hands of bunch of children designated to Mind and Monitor the Class while the Teachers Played Hookie. The Judges do Lack the Wisdom and their Feedback lacks the punch where a Positive word I may trust and savour or a negative opinion I may shrivel with and vow to do better. Maybe the Judges are contemporary to many contestants…maybe they do not really have the Expertise that can Knock the Creative Door and really, really make a difference!
I have seen that especially when there is a Theme that is vague like Filmy Masala. Again the Choreographers went on an Overdrive of so-called Creativity and ended up bringing not much, except anxiety for the contestants and unsettling remarks! Where the contestants are left wondering “We tried our Best but well Judges did not like what we did...” Or maybe there was very little time for the contestants to practice on their themes and so it went all awry and messy???
All the Hard work was there…All the precision and the Clean acts required were lacking!
Saving Grace for the Contestants was the Cover up forwarded by the Wild Card Entrants. I was so right that they have been only brought in to be eliminated so the top contenders can be retained. Two weeks can be utilised in removing one at a Time and save those who have been in the Race from the beginning…Wise Move I would say from the Jhalak guys. For this late in the Competition, Loyalties have already been picked and people are not really willing to Bond or Invest for a new person!
We have naturally Roopal Tyagi and Neha Marda in the elimination! 
Dance after a prolonged, artificial monologue by Manish Paul and judges over four contestants being in the Danger Zone. Sanaya is heavily heavily Voted and Shamita …her vote Bank is a mystery …Both were declared SAFE…What a Relief!!! Really??? Like we did not know????…we were like so relieved and maybe could have attempted something drastic if not…too predictable…too boring...too uninteresting…
Neha Marda has a Body Language of Defense…too much of a protective shell to defend herself. She is a Good Dancer but nervousness gets the better part and the Actions come forcefully. Besides, she probably did not really try and get her rapport settled with the Choreo partner so a lot of movements were not in synchronisation with each other.
Result: Clumsy incomplete steps, nervous energy resulting in automated responses towards judges and stilted moves. Too much effort was visible. Next time enjoy while dancing and smile a little..hmmm
Roopal also was in the same boat. 
Maybe they considered their expertise more in the Dance then the choreo-partner. She could have tied her hair, perhaps that would have yielded in little more comfort and composure. As I pointed out earlier it did look unfinished and like two school kids...novice and new were simply amusing equally new folks.
I am sure if Remo would have been there he would not have even allowed to Air this kind of stuff. But that is only my speculation!!! Could be wrong!!! Maybe…but someone who does hold the reins ought to give it a rational thought what are they canning into a show???
The Judges could not even give a decent reason as to why they chose Neha and not Roopal…no reason…Just WE sitting out here who have been given the Authority to be important have simply decided…No marks…no opinions…on behalf of all Shahid announces…Roopal goes Neha Stays…
Guess all the judges are interested is in Letting the Audience know which designer outfit they are wearing…what look they are adorning…Dance??? What is that??? We will come around to thinking that too!!! Maybe they will…but someone tell them, only three weeks are left…Spruce up fast guyssss…Couture and jewellery are a Byproduct of being on the judges Chair…not an End in itself…Please give it a thought…You guys show some cool Authority...Expertise and Panache!!!
They are much better at the Gags on making a Masala film...I enjoyed their Banter over Mohit reducing the water woes in Malad and Faisal being mightier than thou over 20 item girls…He indeed was an Example to be modelled after. Being a Mere entrant into this world of Dance he is trying level best to offer variety and drama…
And they tried again but could not succeed fully for they had too much to do. The technique was unique, concept creative but it camouflaged their actions. At many places, they were hurried to complete their steps so they could move to other objects.
 It was visible plain and clear that the little ones had so many things to manipulate that their faces showed that impatience to not falter and the important thing called dance and steps kind of took a back Seat. As usual they looked cute and Adorable, in their colourful outfits and dazzling smiles. Wish the Judges would give out their Verdicts in a way that clarifies what exactly can be altered.
I do Agree with Shahid that Choreographers need to refrain from getting carried away as the competition has moved into the last stage. When they do visualise an act they must add all the ingredients required while keeping in mind Dance and comfort factor of the People involved. We did enjoy the Act but could not see more of Faisal or Vaishnavi or their Heavenly Faces or steps. Hope they Rectify it soon. Why not give him a Romantic number? Is it because he is in the Child Category and should be kept away from such influences yet??? But Hello where does this sense of right conduct and Right Age theory evaporate when Mr Manish Paul the Great decides to bring his sometimes Murky sense of jokes which I even want my Kids to not hear or explain for that matter while having Dinner? Though I must admit He has lightened up and has hugely avoided Jokes that can offend !!! In that Avataar he is fully Huggable and his Rapid Fire rounds or Getting Ganesh to Sing were moments of mirth n merriment.Still,
I have to keep repeating the Show seems to have lost strong hands that hold its reins and flavour together and roll it with a sense of Rules and Principles…But Entertainment !!! “Anything works!”
 For my dude stood here bemused and confused at exactly was he being criticised or praised? Did he get a reprimand or…???
While all the Judges are like grinning and giving contrary views and contradicting self, Faisal decides "Janne do yaaron …Dance Karte hain" He Invites Ganesh and Shahid to JOIN HIM on the floor and All forgot about the Score…Unruly loving KIDS…I sure would love to be a part of this wacky classroom where all are having such a whale of a time that we forget for what purpose did we assemble!!!
Actually Ganesh and Shahid have got too informal and friendly that the line between judges and judged is fast losing its golden line of Authentic Flavour. Now I do not really Mind it…We got to see all four Dancers dance…now why would I mind? I WOULD neva mind my Cutie pie groove to any number with his heavenly shy smile and the Cricket slow-motion was cooler than cool!!!!
Straight from a classroom we are transported into a mythological world of War Dance between Shakti and Demon. That requires again a certain sense of suppressed Fury and controlled Aggression.
Maa Shakti is the Ultimate example of Duel between Light and Darkness...A duel of feminine latent power overpowering and annihilating destructive forces. Shamita, it was very bold of you to attempt it. You looked very Divine… however I will fully drop the Onus on your choreo-partner to leave lot of gaps in your performances. The Prop, The Trishul took precious six seconds to arrive and Shamita was left holding out a Hand for far too long for me to notice it. Deepak took complete 30 seconds to himself, in the beginning of the Act and  another 15 seconds at the inadequate entry of Maa from Above looked very awkward. 
Perhaps the Harness guys were new and unable to fully co ordinate…with all these filling up the two minutes that Shamita had, the choreo liked himself far too better than Shamita and only focused on her Jumping and pushing than creating steps  that would depict Power and control….unleash the Conflict and bring about the subjugation and surrender and finally move on to regaining Compassion as the mission is accomplished. 
It was again a very hurried Act and I feel Shamita’s Talent was not brought to the fore…Now I do have the Conviction to atleast Voice my opinion firmly…Judges have lost that ability. They seem to be unsure whether the performance was cool or had what they needed or did not…even Shahid is not able to make an “I” Statement that says “ I did not feel moved…” He keeps issuing vague warnings to the choreographers to experiment carefully or Dance as a prerequisite. He keeps talking in third person and on behalf of All of them. Why would he not look the contestant in the eye and say “I did not like this Act and there was no Dance in it!” why Blabber about Shamita is my favourite and we have invested in all the contestants…and etc etc etc…  

  Shamita my verdict…loosen up Gal. You do not have to be silent and intellectual types all the time. Little mischief is worth your while. Invite a little twinkle in your eyes…pull someone’s leg, its fine!!! No one will be offended. Let your inner girl Get up and greet the World and Say to all “Hey folks I Am…I am here to stay!” Staying at the shores is no fun. Simply Dive in this world you aspire to and have loads of fun. Dazzle #MistyDoe your time begins now!!!
Another Damsel whose journey just began was Anita Hassanandani. How do I describe her Act? 
Snow flake!!! That is the Name we give Her. Her Dance was light, soft and lively. After all the heavy dismal abysmal mish mash…this Act was atleast clean and well co ordinated and Romantic. She looked Delicate and dreamy. However , I have given my heart and soul to so many and they have left and I am already keenly watching my four FAVs now…It would require more from you Anita to really follow your updates…die to know what you will be doing next? But this Act was promising. I would say, lovely lifts and steps. Gentle and just  getting entangled in my HAIR asking for my attention just before it will journey into another realm…just like a #Snowflake…I loved the expressions...clean lines soft ambience an even Softer Romance n I absolutely Adore when Choreo n Celeb Sync ...are one...Treat to the Eyes...
Welcome truly to Jhalak dear…you did well!!! I would have liked to see you in the beginning of Jhalak...Maybe you would have more time with us…neva mind…
Neha  Marda again brought in Devotional atmosphere. She has everything that a Dancer needs...attitude…right grace…right steps…what she lacks is the connect to the Audience who is watching her. She does not smile at them and woo Faisal does…like Shamita just began…like Sanaya does…like Mohit…She is too focused on showing the steps then living the steps and so all the haard work of lifts and stuff all goes…ooomm…boom…tooommm…
Oh God Jai if I ever were to meet you I would truly whack you...Oh but Sanaya just did…The way he was roughly throwing her around to depict the Anguish of Divorce and separation…my head spun !!! No wonder she keeps getting hurt. Hang on Dude please slow down and get a little less violent…Yes too much of energy led to goofing up on shirt exchange and some lifts I do agree looked too heaped on the audience. It was not necessary. It looked straight like a case for Domestic Violence. She is teeny weeny one but it does not mean she is easy to lift so you just lift and yank... and not look where you threw…I did not like the Concept though Sanaya I THINK gave it all she had. I prefer more positive themes that play on expressions and moulded lifts we can enjoy…please do not throw her Around…she is not  a heap of clothes…Do not choose such violent themes…
 What went wrong with the next Act…? Something Awful happened with the Harness timings and Mohit had to pay dearly by sacrificing his expressions and exchanging stress and strain !!! 
He did complete the Act but the Deflation was there for all to see written large all over on his face which is any way bemused. Aerial Acts anyways command lots of trust and co- ordination…expertise and skill and alertness. 
Mohit you did bungle there and it was quite visible in your entire Act. I went from the entire Gamut from enjoying the visual appeal of Act to sharing your Discomfort. The theme was Romance, however it went missing between all the effort of your lifts …difficult and dangerous… Naturally the Immunity Ball slipped out of your hands and is now in no man’s Land
Relay Race was like a balm to my by now frazzled soul with so much of unco-ordinated moments…my mood did lift a bit…and who do you think would do it???
None other than Faisal and Vaishnavi with their graceful use of Props. They are so natural and their understanding each other step to step is Heavenly. The way they timed themselves to roll the entire table at the right time and get it back up again…
The Visual illusion they created with their Slow motion on the Bench where you actually feel the bench is pulled on the other reality it was the two cute and cheeky Kids simply and naturally and like “Its our  everyday Job” also Daring the Elder ones to smile and say…try it at your own risk…you cannot duplicate the Adroit timings and clean Moments…They are winners all the Way…If Jhalak does decide to Get them off the train just before will be a Grave injustice to them…They have given a head-on colliding competition to all who were there.
Next I DID enjoy Shamita's performance. May I say Red suits her and she is awesome in raunchy, seductive numbers? She is getting Super confident of her Terrain and gearing up to Standing the finale …and atleast in this particular number, she was sexyyyy!!
Mohit is Tall…if he wears the right Attire he has Killer looks and “Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi siiii” No Damsel in her right senses would ever Bhaago should she  encounter this Hunk …he looked so alluring and inviting!!! I loved it…
Anita n Neha were fidgeting....
But I have a Grouse???
Is Jhalak so Budget conscious that it won’t give the Contestants a New outfit for the Relay Number? Like Why did Sanaya have to Wear an Outfit Radhika Madan wore in one of her numbers??? It is so annoying to see such Thriftiness…why conduct a show of this Magnitude if we are low on funds??? Why would Sanaya Allow this Atrocious stuff? Maybe she is unassuming and I am the one simply raising smoke without Fire….Hmmm…I am fond of some Stars therein Now…I have Blogged Consistently on it Now…
I am an Indian Audience and I always feel Next time will be a better Time…Koi naa Hota hain…Chalta hain…It happens only in India...until
Next Time…with Better Dances…or Atleast Fresher Costumes…Class…Behave until then!!!! Heeheeheee……


  1. Sonnal ji.... I had read the blog long before but I decided to comment now..... I completely agree with you.... last week Jhalak left me unsatisfied and yearning for more.... although being an ardent fan of Faisal.... I was completely in love with his relay performance... even if I did think that his main performance was not quite like the others he has done ( the out of the box factor retained though)..... and yes the ambiguity in the judges' comments is indeed unnerving.... even during this week although the performances were at par and beyond the expectations.... I myself was left contemplating whether the judges were complimenting or criticising..... and about Shamita's mysterious voting bank.... my mom who watches Jhalak with me stated something which I guess was obvious but struck to none of us..... She is Shilpa Shetty's sister right? Then isn't it possible that the sources of her votes are from Bollywood? .... then again.... its a mere theory on my side.... the reality will always remain to be a mystery, unless the Jhalak guys decide on contrary. On a last note , I'd like to say that I love reading your blogs and they skillfully express what most of us felt.... its a marvel to be able to be unbiased while writing about every performer.... and I greatly respect you for that.... do keep writing.... I look forward for your blogs every week..... Lots o love :)

    1. Lotsaluv Keep Reading n gv feedback It is so precious.šŸ˜ššŸ˜ššŸ˜ššŸ˜š

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  3. Thank you!! ^_^ ...... I surely will :) :D

  4. I couldnt see this particular week's episodes.... but tht didnt stop me from voting for Faisal!! Finally when I saw the act online on Monday n heard of the comments n all I do agree with all you have to say about the judges comment on his act!!! Apart from what you have stated I feel the judges are far more direct to Faisal then to the Choreographer... What I mean is in Shamita's case they say the choreography was too much with harness n all the costume n less of dancing n all that.
    With Faisal they say we could not see much of Faisal matlab... if you will see Faisal all over then how will u see the DRAMA as per the theme??? Plus what they did was visual drama... N please the judges stop dancing with him to make him feel better OUR DUDE IS FAR ABOVE ALL THIS!!! HE PURELY GETS DOWN TO BUSINESS WHEN IT COMES TO DANCING.

  5. Sujata Patil ji.... completely true.... our dude legit means business.... no wonder he won the ticket to finale.... :) and as for the judges.... they just saught for chances to come on the stage.... so much that they are now seen more on the stage than their respective seats..... where the dignity of judges go as to leaving their place when the performance is really par brilliance?.... one often wonders....