Sunday, October 23, 2016

4 Quick Snackies For Travelling Mums!

When my kid came into the 'weaning zone' it was a new phase for me as a newbie mom. Till now, it was bliss. I carried the natural food available for my baby. The mother 's milk which was ready and wholesome. Now, as an 'on-the-go' mum I had to recreate the same wholesomeness for my little one. I wanted to offer all kinds of tastes to my active bundle. I wanted my kid to be non fussy when it comes to food. 

I was not a nutrition conscious person and I never counted calories. I was a hygiene freak and very particular that food was fresh and not stored or processed (a little allowance here and there, well, admissible). So what followed was a 'mix n match' formula of varied foods which I carried for my second one as well. Both kids are healthy, non-fussy and savour vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food alike. So here I share my go-to-snacks while I was out with my kids at work or out on a function or an outing.


You need a banana. 

Few spoons of milk.

A plate and a spoon to mash and feed.

Cut the banana into small pieces with the back of the spoon, mash with it the back of the spoon adding little milk till it all becomes a healthy pasty mash. Not too thick nor too liquidy. Feed immediately

You may add chickoos or use them instead of bananas. The soft pieces will aid and introduce the child to chewing and feeling the food.

Feed only till the child asks. The moment he or she says 'no' or indicates it with a clamping of mouth, take your cue to stop. Let it be. Do not shove one more spoon.

Respect their decisions as young as that. Do not decide for them how much they should eat.


You will need a boiled potato, little salt, a spoonful of butter, little pepper or chaat masala and cheese spread.

Mix it well and do not pre-mash it. Do it when you need it. It will only take a minute.

This will introduce the salty taste for the child's taste buds. It will indicate what tastes your child loves or does not. Be observant to how your child responds to each colour or preparation. It is an important clue for your future cooking.

You may add boiled carrots to add colour.


You may use Marie Biscuits or/and Krack Jack. They mash well with milk. It will be light and easy on you on those days when no fruits or veggies are around. Besides it will add variety for you and your kid. Well I always told you I was not the fitness calorie counting mum.

But for those who are, there is a healthier preparation.


Take a bit of ghee (clarified butter)  it can be your choice to use pure ghee. Roast the rice of your choice in the ghee for about five minutes. Grind the mix. It can be stored for a few days. 

You may cook the rice powder and carry with you. You can add milk/curd and honey to it. With curds you may omit the honey and add bit of salt to alternate the taste. You may simply create rice balls with ghee and jaggery and offer your child.

It was the healthiest option that offered wide variety. I later added tomato soup to the rice. Roasted dal was an addition. Boiled cauliflower was a smash hit (pun intended).

An armed mom is a happier mom. Dazzle those relatives who keep commenting on your child's health and inquisitively judge you to be the among the "shortcut" modern lot, that you could be the most thoughtful mom around to reckon with.

By Sonnal Pardiwala.

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