Monday, October 24, 2016


There are many moments in life when you ought to stop and go within to tap into this potent force called "You"
There will not be another you and probably you have not fully explored the full "You".
The possibility of putting yourself out there in as many formats as possible is a beautiful arena that you must consider.
Ask yourself
Who am I? Am I just this one persona who I currently am? What latent talents I have not explored?
Discover yourself.
Check the hidden ambitions you harboured once and see if you can reclaim part of it. Today avenues to express are multiple and there are hundreds of ways you can be out there. Do dust your inner reservoirs and find the concealed treasures therein.
Hesitation is a waste of you. If you want to express yourself just do so. Even half baked attempt will find appreciation. Today attempting is more important than perfecting. You will get there if you keep at it.
Trust the "You" and where it is taking you. Your inward eye has a vision then make it stronger and soon it will reflect in your real life. It is called Manifestation power. A possibility nurtured with strong imagery and consistent faith will culminate into a happier version of you. Ask
You want something you ask your higher crew to give it. A financial oppprtunity, a professional outcome, a love match, peaceful vacation, Just Ask... And nurture the inward vision till it solidifies into an outer life. 
Yes believe it is possible for you. Convince yourself you are a resource. You are here to live a happier version of you and take to next realm an even brighter update of yourself. Beam a brilliant future for yourself and carve it with efforts and imagery both. The only resource is "You" your thoughts your actions and your ability to "Ask and Manifest"
But remember to Ask and Achieve!

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