Thursday, December 29, 2016

Deodorise and Disinfect - The Natural Way!

9 Ways To Use Aroma Oils For A Healthier Lifestyle

Cleanliness is every mother's top concern. Hygiene, a super priority! Bacterial presence in the air or water- a mom's dreaded hazard. We invest precious monies to accumulate the right disinfectants, toiletries and medicines to deal with it. Now we are told that our detergents, shampoos, deodorants, disinfectants, dishwashers have chemicals that gently erode our immune systems. 

In that case, what shall we do to contribute to "Go Organic"  movement? 

Here I share few tips on using a natural multi purpose and uncontaminated ingredient. 

Nature has imparted us with lots, all we need to do is use it. 
Essential Oils, popularly known as aroma oils are fantastic aid to home help and keep the environment at home hygienic and fragrant. Do throw away the air fresheners that are adding to Mother Earth's pollution. 

Generally, when we think Aroma oils, we think only 'massage', but they can be applied in various situations. 

What are they?
Essential oils are concentrated liquids distilled from various parts of the plants (Root, bark, leaves, flowers). Therapeutic use is a different science but we can use in everyday situations at home. 

Every oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, analgesic property. 

Where do you get them?

Nearby beauty shops or online. Available in 10/15 ml quantity.
How to use them?

      1) Cleaning and Mopping floors. 

In a bucket of water, add 6-10 drops of any or combination of oils
  • Pine
  • Lavender
  • Orange
  • Lemon

Wash the floor with running water or mop it with oil infused water. 

The fragrance will calm and soothe your nerves and lend a cleaner than thou feel. It lingers for a long time.

      2) Bath Waters

Want to beat a tired day? Have aching and frazzled muscles? Feel depressed and down? Add to your bath water the following oils either one or in combination:
  • Lavender (5-6 drops) 
  • Rosemary (3-5 drops) 
  • Pepper mint (3-5 drops) 
  • Bergamot (3-5 drops) 
Bathing with the refreshing aromas will rejuvenate you and leave your bath space feeling like a Spa.

      3) Disinfectant Spray

Take a small bottle spray. Add 50 ml water and to it add (5-6  drops) of following oils:
  • Lavender
  • Tea tree
  • Rosemary
These three oils kill air borne bacteria. Spray it in all the rooms twice a day. Specially if there has been an incidence of cold and flu and sneezing sprees.

      4) Insect Bites

If a rash is developing post an insect bite take a little raw oil in the pinch of your finger and thumb and apply on the itching area. 

Itching will subside in no time. Swelling too will dissipate.

      5) Mosquito Repellent

Take 5 ml almond or coconut base oil and add 10/12 drops of citronella oil. Apply on the skin before sleeping or going outdoors. It keeps mosquitoes away and allergies too. It induces good sleep.

      6) Deodorize Cupboards. 

Sprinkle any essential oil you have on a tissue paper. Keep this near the stack of your ironed clothes. 

Keep a tissue rolled which is oil infused near a dustbin area, shoe rack and places which will need deodorizing.

      7) A Goodnight's Sleep. 

Before sleeping, sprinkle few drops of Lavender under the pillow. It will relax nerves and induce peaceful sleep.

      8) Massage
Make a therapeutic mix of base oil (Almond, Coconut, Jojoba and any oil of your choice). 

It can be safely used on children. Personal experience! Both my sons have grown up with massages and infusions of this oil. 

      9) It is a deeper science, however a general list is given for various ailments. 
  1. Headaches and sleep issues- Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint.
  2. Coughs, colds, flu, breathing issues- Chamomile, Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemon Grass, Frankincense, Basil. 
  3. Digestion issues- Geranium, Carrot Seed, Lavender. 
  4. Pain in any area-Lavender, Marjoram, Rosewood. 
Gently massage the mixture on the affected area and let the person relax. You will notice a sound sleep pattern, relaxing of nerves and reduction in pain. 

These are not to be taken as absolute medical care methods but as alternatives and remedies in conjunction with medical care. 

It will be our bit to replacing polluted elements with natural stuff. You may get addicted to its earthy aromas and gentler all encompassing relaxed effects. 

-Sonnal Pardiwala

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