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Be Assertive &; Not Fearful When You Meet A Doctor! 

Medical conditions are a source of anxiety and uncertainty. Do be assertive with the treatment options that the doctor prescribes. Analyse how much is really needed and how much is being sold. Do not buy Fear! Here is how I learnt to decipher between what is necessary and what can be safely avoided.

Visiting a Doctor for my personal self has been the most daunting task. As a child, I did go occassionally to the local physician but all in all I was considered a robust child and not much in need for medication.One miscarriage and two deliveries later, it truly seemed an avoidable affair. Vaginal check-ups were the worst nightmarish moments (maybe for the doctor involved too as I raised a storm). I opened up to alternative worlds of Reiki, crystal healing and essential oils. I learned to invoke the power of Inner healing to deal with issues that arose and well
I was too busy to focus on myself! While I nursed my two kids from sneezes, sprains and stomach pains I did learn a lot about what role fear, food and positive thinking played in getting rocking fit.
What I have learned is to listen to what the body says, look closely at the symptoms to check what they say. It helps to overcome the initial anxiety that surrounds the uncertainty of not knowing what your body is going through,raise the alarm bells onlly when necessary and take ASSERTIVE DECISIONS WHEN NECESSARY
Take Back Your Power.
We have a tendency to never Question our Doctors. We believe everything they say and feel they have our best interests at Heart. After all we grew up on "Doctor's Word" By R.K. Narayan. But Let us not forget that it is our bodies we give to be examined and cured to them.Only we can tell what is working and what is not! If we keep silent and endure a Discomfort,it is a grave Dissservice to our bodies and our existence.
Take charge & Take Decisions.
What I share now is a simple illustration from my life. A decision that brought peace of mind to me and my family and saved my little one a lot of anxious moments in his entire childhood. Back in 2003 we came to know that my elder son had "idiopathic thrombocytopenia". Simply put it means his platelet count stays lower than required and it may lead to complications. Allopathy has no cure. The Doctor prescribed blood tests every month to monitor his platelet level. Each time he would be pricked his entire tiny arm would bulge black and blue.Reiki entered our lives giving us confidence to cope with this. Once sitting outside the cabin for his routine prick and test I read a statement "Least Intervention Is The Best Intervention". As I entered the Haematologist's cabin I asked after initial details were taken. 
MEDoctor, do we have to do this blood test every month?
Doctor: (frowns) How else shall we monitor his platelet count?
MESo if we come to know that his platelet count is low what medicine shall you prescribe?
DoctorWe cannot treat him till we have an instance of active bleeding!
MEHe is not bleeding just now and we come to know his count is low due to all the black spots on his body, now what?
DoctorWe wait...
We came out and took the priceless decision to not get him pricked. We plain walked away. He is 15 now and rocking. His platelet count, maybe, low {black spots-I hate them). 
We have been careful and introduced him to healthy living and positive outlook towards a certain condition.
Had he been making those endless rounds of the laboratories to check blood and urine he would have called it "illness" The psychological impact would definitely have been far more disastrous. 
But we never dared ask the Doctor ,"May we discontinue?" for we feared we may appear defiant!
Recently,I had a urine infection which told my inner self needed a dose of antibiotic. I follow my inner guidance and before the infection turned severe I decided to walk into a doctor's cabin. I was in for a jolly ride and few amusing revelations and this blog.
So here we go to this doctor's clinic where I delivered my second Baby in 2006. The assistant asks me for papers.I have none. Ten years!!! I realised it has been that long that I went to a doctor for consultation for my persoonal reason. Wow!!! So, I request her to make the papers anew as I needed help. The assistant took a long time to get in touch with the incharge who was away on a weekend. I had been unfortunate to be so healthy and had fallen sick on a Saturday! How atrocious!!! Never mind after an endless wait we thought we must check on another doctor, since this one is not available and the assistant will not make my papers without consulting the absent incharge.The question that I could never ask her.
"Are procedures important or people?" " Could you not make the papers?" Thank God I was not in an emergency.
No wonder Munnabhai MBBS made that classic scene!
We came to another one, who had been a very senior gynaecologist in our area. One hour's wait and I am taken in. The assistant says,"500 rupees." I give it. I describe my symptoms; burning sensations while passing urine, but clear. No pain whatsover anywhere. To my horror, she insists on a vaginal check up! Mentally "What? Why?"
But outwardly, I comply. My resistance must have been supremely visible to an experienced one like her. She asks for a urine test and show it to her the coming Monday.The medicine were not antibiotics, is what I make out. I promptly get that test done and find out within a few hours that it indeed was a regular UTI. I am sure she would have known. But well, diagnosis is always safer. She told me to come post Sunday. That itself tells me I am not in any major dire circumstance.
What I did not ask her? "Why the vaginal check up? Was it absolutely necessary?" (anyways she found nothing!)
So, I go the next Monday since I had to show her the report and get an antibiotic as the bacteria needed the support of a better medication to flush out. I sat for two hours before my number came. By then, I had googled what my urine test indicated, what I am likely to be prescribed and what I need to do next as precaution.
What happened next took the cake for me!!!
She looked at the urine test. Her assistant asks "200 rupees!"
I had just entered the cabin. At least let my consultation get through! Nevertheless, I comply. 
DocCome on up I have to do your check up!
ME: (taken aback) Why? I just have a Urine infection. There is nothing else in the report except bacteria and pus cells.
DocWe have to check you for 'cancer'. You are above 40 and you must take precautioons.
MEI do not wish to do a check up and I will consider the screening as you suggest if I feel the need.
DocAfter 5 YEARS if you get cancer do not come to tell me anything.
ME: (Adamant and silent but sure will not turn in to any internal check ups) I want to go to the wash room but there is no wash room here. 
Doc: Oh you can go home and come back! The assistant silently prescribes the discounted rate of the screening at another place. 
Doc: You are 40+ now and you must do this as we may come to know if you are prone to cancerious tendencies!
I thank them and walk away with the antibiotic prescription and a resolve to not visit her again.
The question I never could ask...
Dear Doctor, your prime job is to alleviate anxiety, fear and pain. Did you do that? You were busy selling me a screening which I may or may not need. It is my Body that I hand you over to heal and cure. Should you instill fear and anxiety in me? You knew through your experience that I had a simple UTI Which would clear easily. Then why did you not give me straight away? Should you inform me about my treatment options or should you insist because it is to your benefit to have more ladies screening this at the women's centre where you are apparently conducting these discounted tests? How many vulnerable women come to you afraid and uncertain to whom you send these implants...Fearful implants of an illness???
My test clearly as of today are normal and I am recovering steadily but the fear vibrations stayed at what could befall me in five years from now?I will nurture and heal my body and seek kinder guidance should I need one in the future but the fact remains...
A Doctor's job is to alleviate anxiety, fear and pain not implant it into healthier minds a thought and a reprimand...
"What if you get cancer five years from Now? Do not come and tell me then!"
I promise you I will not tell you anything! 

Additional Information:

1. Listen to your body. 2. Take all necessary precautions. 3. Do not buy fearful suggestions regarding medical conditions. 4. A healthy mind will cope with everything.


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