Friday, December 9, 2016

Calling In Your Soul Mate!

 "For that special one, my heart yearns..."

"When the dear one shall saunter into my life?"

"Flutters the fragile beat as the year turns!"

So expresses a young, single heart who has come into twenties and finds oneself  without a doting partner to hang on. So many doubts creep in and so many anxious thoughts about self-worth? Am I not attractive enough? Am I doing something wrong? When??? 

Funny enough these anxious states go on to become self-fulfilling prophecies. 

What I share is a complex card reading. Each card to be explored in depth with spiritual and psychological angles thrown in. Read with a free will and put into action the steps suggested here. Discard, if it does not resonate. 

We are changing beings with our thoughts and emotions constantly co-creating reality in which we live today. Every experience you draw is a manifestation of what you have thought until now. Which means with a free will we can begin to change a certain outcome a desired way. Tough work is required to nourish and discipline, yes in that order, to sustain a Dream Reality

Each word now reflects personal experience and Angelic Guidance and authority. This is going to be long, intense. If you are looking for a quick read... Choose something else. 

Calling In Your Soulmate

Apt card- for that is the very query we are here for. It is a thought and longing, which one is living with. The single-hood kind of is annoying...marring our joy. The first thing you ought to know is our blue print that we came with. Yes, before we are born we kinda have a review meet with our spirit world and check on our good and not so good deeds. 

We owe few... Few owe us! We choose our parents, siblings, colleagues, friends, our work titles, people we will meet and interact briefly or long term. Depending on that, we choose our Soul partners, our love interests. We choose if it will be hurt and pay relationship or last forever with roses and cakes. We even choose the timings of when our paths shall cross and how. 

Given this knowledge it explains why there are some folks constantly getting in and out of relationships, hurt and embittered. That is a lesson which is overlooked. 

In the same vein, we may have prioritized few other lessons before love can happily distract us. If you are thinking about it a lot, It's time! 

Pay Attention To The Red Flags.

Already in a relationship this card could mean different but assuming the partner has not gravitated to you, it means looking at your manifestation skills critically. Universe is a literal listener. What you affirm loud and clear, it takes seriously. I see many young ones, in order to sound modern, affirm the following: 

"Hey, it is cool to be Single!"

"We are better off without relationship pangs!" 

"I enjoy my freedom. Who wants limits being set on your freedom?"

Translated in Universal listening it says well that is what they want that is what they shall have.

If you truly value your single-hood, discussion ends there but do not send out confusing signals to poor Universal Intelligence. It follows your "Free Will" and respects your commands. Command wisely then Dear one. 

Relationship means merging your existence with another one mutually. It means accepting part of pains and hurt pangs of it. No relationship is above it. If at the first signs you are ready to show the other the 'door', well no person shall last long. Trouble is we are ready to work out our feelings with friends, colleagues or subordinates but special ones are put through harder grinds. 

This Could Be The One...

Chances are your special one has already walked in but you are unsure as he or she does not quite match up to your expectations or family approvals or societal values you live by. Your heart tugs but your mind pulls you in another direction. Time to use your God given 'Intuition' to sniff out if this person is your soul material.

Cut from the same Soul Cloth. Your heart will know! Feel yourself in the presence of this prospective one. Does your heart tug? A person offering you love and coy glances is already around! Maybe you met someone recently and things are about to get sweeter, Sinful. 

Do not quit just when things are about to change. A free will command can reverse a situation. Check who is already around who may share a potentially loving alliance. Your heart will know...and that brings us to a related aspect, The Obstacle Card. 

It Is Safe For You To Love.

The most powerful Affirmation of all time. It is likely we have closed doors and windows in order to shut foreign elements to invade our privacy. We have convinced people we are not in there and then wonder "Why is no one knocking?"

Our spiritual bodies and soul have a language beyond words and they are in eternal dance with the other. Ever noticed how we lean towards or move slightly away to express a like or dislike? Ever felt the prick when someone entered behind your back? Your Aura shook hands even before your brain and body did.

So this card comes to clearly tell you to spring clean all the blabber dash rubble you store. You say "A past liaison kind of put me off relationships!"  Hmmm...Did you like stop walking after spraining your leg or did you stop eating after a bad retch. Maybe that food but eating in entirety? 

Then why is love put through so many games, rules and restrictions?

You have huge work to do with yourself. 

At the spiritual level, soften up your aura and make it welcoming. No, no, do not get me wrong. Nobody is asking you to do the come hither ballet. Only a comfortable-with-self and accepting mode exudes a softer vibration. Follow the guidance of joining new set of activities or even random rendez-vous which does not make sense can be life turning. 

At a psychological level, get assertive to put trash where it belongs. Observe your own games you play in order to keep people at bay, specially the one who could be the one you share your life with.
What are you afraid of? 

A little anxiety is natural to leaving a comfort zone and entering a new one but is it debilitating enough to make you go stagnant?

Check if you hang out only and only with the same set of friends, same set of activities, same type of conversations. They are your signals where changes are needed. If you are strongly nestled in your circle of familiarity how will a New Era begin? Overhaul yourself from time to time like 'upgrade yourself

"Make Yourself Your Best Development Project!"

Think if you have to attract yourself, what will you do differently? 
This Card says volume to your inner zone. You are ready and now allow that new energy to come through. It is safe! All the alarms have rung...calamities have happened. You emerged pretty OK...Each time fear surfaces, train yourself to talk to the fear soothingly...If you had an abusive experience at 18, you are now 27 something. Coax the 18 year old that is trembling and reassure her or him that you will now take care of her or him. You are far better equipped!  

Fill your existence with love notes. Candles- pink and scented!  Invite love at the thought level without contradictory affirmations. If you have to word it differently "I am OK being single...!" to "While I enjoy my Space I would hand it over to a Special one who wins it over...

It matters how you carve your words on the canvas of manifestation. 

Next card sets bring forth work you have now.

Getting To Know Each Other & Healing Family Issues.

Assuming you have met someone recently it is time to merge with a different family dynamics while keeping yours too. Every family member brings with oneself power issues, manipulation tools, cheer specks and much more. So do you.

You as a child have formed your notions of what love constitutes, what is the power equation with regards to gender. Who is the toiler? Decision maker? You ought to be aware of your own fragile areas. The messages you received as a child also decides how you value yourself. Were you told you are lovable and coveted or were conditions put on receiving favors for being 'good', 'under control' 'less demanding'? 

All this affects as to how you view your self-worth. Dig deep into strategic family show-downs, strong patterns were forged. Check what residual effect they are having. Find methods to remedy it at whichever levels you are comfortable. Help is available at every corner. Be hopeful and ready. Guidance pours in every moment. If you need to forgive yourself or someone being hurtful but need to get closure, try this -

*Write a deep letter and let it go in a river or pond. 

*Sit across a chair and pour your heart out to the people concerned and state your aim and conclusion. If they are absent or too much to have around, imagine them sitting there. 

*Spiritually place a sugar bowl in your kitchen. Write the alienated person's name, your name and seek and give forgiveness. You say why? I did nothing wrong! TOO TRUE but the situation is resentful for both. Seek closure. Put water, dissolve the sugar and let the names go into a spring or kitchen sink. You will see a lessening of ill feelings in time. 

Now the positives-

*Express your Love. Make the effort. You say to whom?

To that special one who will soon materialize! Till then;

*Write down to the T" what qualities you may love in your special one. 

*Light pink candles and sit in the glow asking your soulmate to gravitate towards you. 

*Meet new people and affirm your readiness to be loved, pampered and cared for. 

*Believe in Miracles and they'll happen. 

*Call your Soulmate before going off to sleep. May sound silly but this is the best time to suggest your sub-conscious to attract that which is good and great for you. 

The only one who has been holding in the illusion of a trap when all you had to do was jump the low imaginary fence that was closing around you. It was your illusion all along that kept you stagnant. Look how brightly the sun shines.

A dream Girl or Knight arrives...maybe not on a cloud or a galloping horse...But with equal amount of games, equations, hopes and dynamics as you. 

Decision is yours!

Will you free yourself and allow love to work its Magic or choose to spend Sleepless nights alone?

Trust that you interact with and are in charge of your Destiny!
Patience, introspection, up-gradations of self will go a long way in bringing that which you Desire. 

You are in my prayers and may you attract a loving special one at the earliest...your Earliest. 

Lots of Love,

Sonnal Pardiwala.


  1. What you're saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say.

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